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"It depends when you go but in August the traffic is horrendous. We stayed within walking distance of Mykonos town and have honestly never seen anything like it. From the airport and from the port traffic was gridlocked, the scooters whining round and beeping were constant, the injuries on people on the flight were numerous. Our hotel owner driving an extremely battered car thought it was hilarious when my husband (a police trained driver) was the front seat passenger and kept wincing at near misses, “braking” as if he were the driver and was relieved we made it to the hotel alive. No pavements, drink driving, horns, shouting,gesticulating, multiple people on the same scooter - it was mayhem. Early evening when all the poseurs came out was the worst. But that’s just our experience as parents trying to protect our children. I’ve no doubt other people free to zip around have a great time! It’s normal for Greece!

I think it is very funny😂😂😂, especially about the Hotelier,I know which one,it is not appropriate to mention this here....Can you all imagine I had to work in these challenging circumstances? day in day out every day through out July and August......I had to plan meticulously when the ships arrive, when the Ferries docked, Cruise Liners anchored! ⚓ and came ashore, unbelievable congestion,.....I know all the short cuts and back streets, chasing in and out of lanes like a rally driver.... because my time was very precious as I had many responsibilities.....from 11am to 3 pm it is mayhem... oh how I wish I could work there all over again❤️❤️🇬🇷..... Then we have horrendous motor bike accidents, especially with the Italians who just came to Party and get drunk all day every day......all good fun!🇬🇷..
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Valeron and Live Band at the Light House in Mykonos ❤️

Valeron and Band Live at the Light House in Mykonos!
This is was where we stopped for snacks and refreshments before continuing the Jeep Safari.Enjoy Mykonos, better than any travel videos!❤️❤️👌👌

Mykonos live Webcam.... Enjoy!❤️

Just behind the windmills is where I parked my car every morning before walking down the hill to Little Venice to the Delos Port!❤️❤️

A walking tour in Mykonos town (Hora)

Now this makes me reminiscent,as we were the pioneers back in 1998 in formulating the itinerary.We always used to end the tour in a bar watching the sunset, famous pianist playing soft Jazz tunes. ❤️❤️....

Did you know that Mykonos has a castle that you can visit?

Just look at how beautiful this castle is on google earth. The castle is built on top of a beautiful small mountain. It is currently in ruins but still a great part of history. The castle was abandoned when the Ottoman Empire took over in the 14th century.

Some very nice images of Delos !

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