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This is some cool info I found out about katharevousa.

Greek is the official language and is spoken by nearly all the citizens. It is an Indo-European language that has been used in this area since the second millenium B.C.E. , although it has undergone considerable change. A major division exists between the ordinary spoken language known as demotic and a formal version known as katharevousa, which was developed in the eighteenth century to revive elements of ancient Greek and develop a national language that did not favor any regional dialect. Katharevousa spread quickly among political leaders and the intelligentsia. Writers initially embraced it, although most turned back to demotic Greek by the twentieth century. Katharevousa was used for most state documents, in many newspapers, and in secondary school instruction until the 1970s but has been displaced by demotic Greek since that time.

Source: https://www.everyculture.com/Ge-It/Greece.html#ixzz717YSfPBy
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Thanks so much for sharing this great information!!
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It's a real shame this is not taught in school anymore. Most people can't speak it anymore...
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Hmmmm.....interesting I've never heard of this before
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How much are simple and beautiful beach houses in Greece?

These beach houses are so simple and can fit so many people. I would love to live in a place like this one day, does anyone know how much something like this would cost? I don't need anything too fancy, just somewhere to spend my summers :)

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 8.22.46 PM.png

These Greeks have found the key to a long life

All I wish in this life is to learn from these types of people. It's so inspiring

What are the best souvenirs to get a man from Greece?

My guy friend isn't really a foodie, so I don't want to get him honey or spices like I usually get my friends. Is there something I could get a guy that he would really like from Greece? He's not into soccer either, so I wouldn't think to get him a Greek soccer jersey.

Learn Greek vocab words about the workplace!

Here are a few Greek words to get you by when you're talking about work!

Τι δουλειά κάνεις; Ti thoulya kanees; What do you do for a living?
είμαι … eemai … I am

  • Doctor – ο γιατρός – o yatros
  • Dentist – ο οδοντίατρος – o othondyatros
  • Electrician – οηλεκτρολόγος – o oilektrologos
  • Engineer – ο μηχανικός – o mihanikos
  • Farmer – ο αγρότης – o agrotis
  • Hairdresser – ο κομμωτής – o kommitis
  • Lawyer – ο δικηγόρος – o thikigoros
  • Pharmacist – η φαρμακοποιός – o farmakopyos
  • Plumber – ο υδραυλικός – o uthraulikos
  • Salesperson – ηΠωλητής – I politis
  • Teacher – οδάσκαλος – o thaskalos

I found the best Greek clarinet solo

This is one of the best clarinet solos!! I love how melodic Greek music is

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