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This is the exact video I was watching last year in the middle of the pandemic, savoring time dancing with old friends. This is one of the most popular Greek tv shows that showcases Greek culture in the best way. In the video, you will see some of the most popular Greek songs with Greek dances and its of cheer and kefi! I hope you enjoy and that your Christmas is just as happy. Xornia Polla se olous kai kali xronia!

This is really fun!!! So festive, and I am impressed at the people who know the music, and who get up and dance. Such a good time!

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This is amazing!!! Merry Christmas and Xronia Polla! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄


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This is so fun, I love these glendis, and it is extra festive because of it being the holidays. Thanks for sharing this!


I have seen footage from other episodes of this show, and it always looks so fun. This is especially festive, thank you for sharing!

Beautiful slideshow of Greek Christmas carolers to remember the old times

It's these types of videos that make me miss the old times in Greece! I have so many fond memories of visiting my family and carolling with my cousins. My favorite thing to do was play the triangle because it was so darn easy! I didn't even know all of the words to many of the songs but it was extremely memorable and fun nonetheless. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Have you ever wondered what the evaluation of languages looked like?

This image is amazing....I always knew that languages came from each other but I never had it visualized. Kudos to the amazing designer who made this image! As we all know, the Greek language provided the basis for many alphabets and languages around the world. Nonetheless, Greece is unlike any language that exists today and it not based on any other languages like Romance Languages for example (Spanish, Italian, etc.). If anyone has other language resources, please feel free to share with me :)

A Greek New Years Eve Celebration!

This is what a beautiful New Years Eve celebration looks like in Greece! This show always Play some of the best Greek holiday music ever! I always have it in the background when I'm cooking and preparing for my New Year's and Christmas celebrations. I hope you enjoy it 😊

Celebrating Ephiphany Italian style in Venice!♥️

These are the best Greek dances for big groups!

I love Greek dancing, and my favourite Greek dances are the ones that are done in massive groups for weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties. The Greeks really know how to have fun and have everyone join in! My favorite group dances are...

1. Kalamatiano: This is the most classic group dance and probably this easiest one to do and join in on
2. Tsamiko: This is probably the second most popular dance!
3. Balos: Balos is pretty easy to learn and is done in pairs (great for weddings)
Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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