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Even though it is super hot in Greece, you should dress a little more modestly when entering churches and monasteries. Try not to wear super short shorts and have your shoulders covered. I suggest bringing a shawl if you're a woman and being a little more dressy if you're a man (avoid beach clothes and tank tops). Please add suggestions below! I am not an expert, this is just what I've been told and what I've noticed
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In the United States Greek Americans tend to dress in more formal when attending a Greek Orthodox church service.

In Greece, every time I have visited a monastery (just visiting not an actual service) I have worn casual clothing and have not had an issue. Several years ago I spend Easter in Greece and did dress up a big more than just stopping by, course during holy week!

Hope this helps and enjoy Greece!

Beautiful Greek/English pop song: Fotia by Evangelia

I just discovered this song even though it was released 1 year ago, its so beautiful

How long after being in Greece will it take to learn Greek?

I would love to learn Greek in an immersive way. Im thinking of trying to get a summer job there or spending some time staying with friends. How long do you think it will take to learn a basic understanding of Greek. Has anyone else tried to do this?

The Greek economy is growing!!

Finally, some good news for the economy of Greece :)

5 Greek wedding gifts not on the registry

Time Capsule​

Gift the newlyweds with a time capsule they can fill with memorabilia from their wedding, letters to each other, and dreams they have for their future together.

Gold Jewelry​

Giving gold jewelry to a Greek bride is something that has been done for centuries. Greek Orthodox weddings are steeped in tradition and religion, so gifting the bride with a piece of gold jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace is very thoughtful.


It’s hard to go wrong with the gift of money. It allows the bride and groom to purchase something they really want or need or even tuck it away for the future.

Personalized Stationary​

If you look at the bride and groom’s wedding invitation, you can get a little sense of their style together. You can parlay that into a beautiful set of stationary for the newlyweds.

I copied these from https://www.greekboston.com/wedding/gifts-not-registry/ :)
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