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One of the greatest things Greece has to offer is their wine!!! My friends and I will be travelling to Thessaloniki to check out some wineries, but we don’t really know much about making wine…just drinking it ahahha. Does anyone have tips about where to go? Or what types of wines we should try?


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My wife and I are huge wine fans! We went to Geravassiliou Winery, which is a bit out of the city (as most wineries are). The wine was delicious, and the owners were so nice! It was true Greek hospitality, i’m sure you and your friends will love it!


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One of my favorite greek wines is Retsina. From what I remember, Retsina is produced all over Greece, so i’m sure you’ll find it in Thessaloniki. It’s a white wine, and has pretty low acidity, which is why it’s a popular favorite. And it pairs super well with grilled meats, perfect for greek food!

You should rent a bike to tour Thessaloniki!

Many people don't think to rent a bike to see the city, but I think it's one of the best things you can do since Thessaloniki is right on the water and you will get some amazing views. Unlike different cities nearby, like Kavala, Thessaloniki doesn't have that many hills and is very easy to get around on the bike. I just recommend that you're careful of drivers, as Greek drivers can be a bit aggressive on the road. When I last visited, it was a few years back so I don't remember which bike rental company we used. So if anyone recommendations please drop them below.

Have you heard about the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki?

This museum is lesser known but I've heard amazing things from friends who have visited! There is a very interesting exhibit that is currently being put on titled "Visualizing humanity." It is the first project by the Network of Contemporary Culture Museums of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. I really would love to visit this exhibit since it showcases the phases of life and culture, mainly inspired by important moments in Greek history. There are four "chapters" in the exhibition, my favorite concept (whiteout seeing it of course) is Feels Like Home. :)

What neighborhoods do you recommend that I visit in Thessaloniki?

I’m only planning on going to Thessaloniki for a couple of days so I’m wondering what would be the best neighborhoods to visit. Personally, I’m not looking for anything super touristy. I like to go out to eat and shop around, and usually go back to my hotel around 10pm, so not much nightlife for me. Let me know what you all think!!

The new Hellenic Temples

You can learn to play the The Lyre of Apollo at the Seikilo Museum in Thessaloniki

This museum is probably one of the most unique ones that I've seen. It's pretty small, but it's packed with many rich activities and experiences. One of the coolest ones that I would love to try is learning how to play the Lyre from a professional artist. Before you would like to participate, you will need to let the museum know that you will be visiting and that you are interested. No prior music experience is required!

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