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While I was doing some research about the pandemic I realize that they were actually way more common than I had thought. Little did I know that one of my favorite historical periods, ancient Greece, how to play they killed some really famous historical figures. How come no one told me this? Did any of you know about this???
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Thucydides (an Athenian historian) and Pericles both got the plague! What is a super deadly plague and happened while the war between Athens and Sparta was going on. What a time LOL.
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Indeed! There is a lot of speculation that the plague was actually typhoid. A lot of the accounts of the symptoms and many of the historical findings point to this. But I don't think we can actually ever know, until maybe technology advances or something.

Did an earthquake cause the fall of the Greek Bronze Age?

I don't want to get too controversial here and I know that this is super contested, but is it possible that an earthquake caused the fall of the Greek bronze age? How can such a powerful empire collapsed as a result of the environment? I mean just look at this architecture... Thoughts?


How historical are some of the traditional Greek dances?

I know a handful of common Greek traditional dances, such as the Syrtos (Kalamatianos), Zymbeiko, tsamikos, hasaposervikos, the "Never on a Sunday", the syrtaki, and a few others. Do any of these have roots in Ancient Greece?

What are your favorite Greek history documentaries/films?

Hi guys! Film and history buff here. I especially love old foreign films, do any of you have some Greek favorites?

Did the "siesta" or Greek mid day nap originate from Ancient Greece?

Does anyone know about the origins of the famous mid day nap that Greeks take?

What are the biggest influences of the Byzantine empire in Greece?

I'm not a historian but I'm super curious about what impact the Byzantine empire has had on Greece's culture and overall history.


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