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I like using nifty apps to get the best deals and recommendations while traveling. What apps have been most helpful in your experience? :)

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Other than posting to the mobile version to this website while in Greece to ask our community advice :) I would say the following travel apps would work well for Greece and just about anywhere:

1. Google or Apple maps (need to know where you are LOL).
2. Google translate (for non Greek speaking people this can help with basic communication).
3. Trip Advisor App (really is the best travel app and have personally used it in Greece).

Hope this helps! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

Greek PM assures Acropolis Rally is here to stay!

One of the oldest classic event which should be preserved into eternity,I was born in Nairobi Kenya,we had the East African Safari Rally with some extremely tough driving conditions...

Is it easy to rent an automatic car in Greece?

I really really wish I could drive stick, but I just can't...how easy is it to rent automatic? Thanks

Up to 50% Off on Last Minute cruises in Greece!

An offer not to miss.... Galileo was always docked at Mykonos, She is one of the beautiful Yachts I have seen....Had I been there I would most certainly take up this offer....At this of the year one can negotiate too!👌❤️

These islands in Greece have the best beaches!

Lets be honest, good beaches are the most important thing for a good vacation :) These are some of the best in my opinion after doing some research and looking at a bunch of pictures: Crete, Santorini, Mykonos Zakynthos. Because Crete is such a big island, they have the most options and the most variety in the types of beaches

Covid update: Greece launches mandatory testing for unvaccinated workers

Seems things are going back to being a little more strict
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