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I love the feel of a small village. Is there anything near the city that I can visit?

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Sure, here are a list of some of the villages/towns to consider visiting while in the Thessaloniki area:

- Agia Triada
- Anchialos
- Angelochori
- Ano Stavros
- Asprovalta
- Epanomi
- Halkidona
- Loutra Volvis
- Nea Michaniona
- Nea Vrasna
- Nei Epivates
- Oraiokastro
- Paralia Vrasna
- Stavros
- Thermi
- Trilofo

Take a cruise to Mount Athos from Thessaloniki!

This is a great thing to do if you're wanting to do some excursions in the city! There are even some cruises with a glass bottom where you can see all of the beautiful sea life below. :) I highly recommend it

Visit the monument of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki

Xan square is a great place to visit in Thessaloniki!

This square was originally named after the Christian Brotherhood of the Youth of Thessaloniki, also known as XAN for short. You can visit the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tower of OTE and International Trade Fair!! I highly suggest you check it out

Eating and drinking your way through Thessaloniki!

This video offers some great suggestions! Ill definitely be checking these places out when I plan to go this winter :)

The National Theatre of Northern Greece is a great place to watch shows

Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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