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I've heard there's a lot of Venetian influence in Corfu, are there any specific landmarks I can visit?



The best spot in Corfu is Strinilas village!

Strinilas village is at the top of the highest mountain on the island so there's a really cool breeze and an amazing view of the island. I'd really recommend visiting if you have some time in the afternoon to get a great look at the sunset. There's also a great winery in the village that you could visit and do a tasting! Check it out :)

Have you been to the Byzantine Museum of Corfu?

I love Byzantine culture!! What types of artifacts does this museum hold? And does it have anything important to the Byzantine empire? I'm looking to see some one of kind pieces

Casa Parlante in Corfu

Casa Parlante is one of my favorite landmarks in Corfu! It's a recreation of a noble family’s home in the 19th century in Corfu. And I've never seen anything like it! The house has animatronic characters that you're actually able to interact with. It seems like a great place to take the kids, I really recommend it!


Did you know that there is a museum of Asian art in Corfu?

The collection is from George Manos, who was a Greek diplomat. The building was originally a Japanese museum but then it was converted to a museum of Asian art after George Manos donated his collection. I haven't been but it seems so cool that this exists in Corfu

Angelokastro is the must see castle in the clouds!

This place is so beautiful i'm adding it to my travel list! Angelokastro Castle is located at the highest point of Corfu near Krini. Angelokastro Castle is known for the domed gate at its entrance. The castle was built to help protect the residents from the Venetians and pirates from Africa.



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