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I will be coming to Athens with my family for 2 nights. What are the must do during this time? What would you recommend?
Here are a few suggestions of popular things to do while in Athens:

Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your trip to Greece!

Taking the Ferry to Mykonos?

I am planning a trip for Greece next year to Greece. I usually fly into Athens and then fly into a place like Santorini or Mykonos from there.

I plan to go to Mykonos next summer and I am kind of sick of flying.

Is the ferry situation easy from Piraeus? Is this a better option than airplanes?

Someone told me I could wait until the last minute and buy the tickets that day, but I am not sure I feel comfortable with that...

Tips for saving money in Athens?

I'm planning a trip to Athens and though I'm excited, I'm also trying to be mindful of my budget. The charm of historical sites like the Acropolis, the Plaka district, and experiencing the vibrant Greek culture is something I cannot put a price tag on. However, I am looking for ways to stretch my euros further while enjoying what Athens has to offer.

Does anyone have tips or personal experiences to share on saving money while traveling in Athens?


My Favorite Things to Do in Athens

Athens is one of my favorite places to visit! It's so rich in history, culture, and even has a spirit of adventure. What I find most impressive are the ruins, museums, and other attractions. I thought I'd give list of my favorite places. What are your favorite places?


If you’re visiting Athens with history in mind, then it’s definitely worth exploring some of the most iconic landmarks such as The Acropolis – home to three remarkable buildings – the Parthenon temple dedicated to goddess Athena; Erechtheion shrine dedicated to god Poseidon; Temple of Athena Nike; Odeon Of Herodes Atticus theater known for its amazing acoustics; Ancient Agora – a large public square where people would mingle with traders and philosophers like Socrates who delivered his famous orations here; Stoa Poikile painted colonnade decorated by Polygnotos’ frescoes (5th century BC); Roman Forum with temples like Tower Of The Wind that originally served as an astronomical observatory.


For art lovers looking for something more contemporary there are plenty of museums worth visiting such as National Archeological Museum which displays artifacts from all periods up to late antiquity era including treasures found during excavations at Delphi Oracle or Benaki Museum that houses more than 30 thousand Greek works from Byzantine period through modern era. If you have time make sure you check out Onassis Cultural Center which stages theatrical productions , concerts , exhibitions and workshops all year round . And don't forget Cycladic Art Museum founded by renowned sculptor Nicholas Tombazi displaying collections from Cycladic islands located near Athens (Aegina, Paros etc).


Foodies will find Athens very appealing since it is one of Mediterranean's most vibrant cities when it comes to culinary scene aside from having traditional Greek staples such as Gyro souvlaki & Mousaka there are also amazing lobster restaurants located by sea overlooking Piraeus Harbor making sure locals can enjoy fresh seafood even during harsh winter season . Additionally Athenian street food vendors serve excellent dishes made on spot bound keep your energy levels up while walking around exploring various sites .


Not only can visitors experience traditional greek hospitality but they also get pleasure out taking part in leisurely activities ranging anywhere between dancing at cultural festivals held throughout summer season (Athens Festival - June-July ; International Dance Festival - September) going go-karting racing at brand new tracks opening annually outside city limits or relaxing on surfing school courses ideal for beginner surfers starting their journey into discovering this extreme sport(Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre being operator).

What do you like to do in Athens?

Best Shopping in Athens

My wife and I are going to Greece in a few days. We both like to shop (her more than me) but we've never actually had enough time in Athens to explore the shopping.

Where should we go?

Someone told us Monastiraki is a good choice, but are there other places? We'll have a few days to poke around.

Unique Photo Spots in Athens?

I will be traveling to Athens this year in the spring. What are some great photo spots throughout the city? Aside from what inspires me?

I have a bad habit of forgetting to take pics while away and I come back from the vacation with a random collection. This time, I want to do some advanced planning. Some of my ideas:

- Parthenon/ Acropolis - A shot with people and the Parthenon in the background
- Food photos - plenty of shots with people - and table shots - and of myself - eating the delicious food
- Monastiraki - This place is full of life - there could be some great candid shots

Do you guys have any ideas?
Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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