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I don't know what everyone else's experience is...but from the hotels that I've been to in Greece many of them don't have restaurants attached to them like they do in other countries. Many do offer a great selection for breakfast though :) This is just a tip for those making travel plans this summer. Expect to eat out at restaurants or grab some snacks from the grocery store. Safe travels!
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I NEVER eat food at any hotel that I have stayed at in Greece. Greece is really not an all inclusive type of vacation (at least in the 20 times or so I have been to Greece in my life :)

I would recommend eating at the non-touristy places, most local tavernas are family owned and very good. Most food is made to order and clean from what I have experienced.


Greek islands aim to go 'Covid free' to welcome back tourists❤️❤️👌

BBC News: Greek islands aim to go 'Covid-free' to welcome back tourists - BBC News.

Launch of Celebrity Cruises Apex in Greece

Some of my favourite Greek music..Journey into the past for all here to enjoy!❤️👌

Hope all can listen on Spotify!🤗

Ikaria is the best place to visit to avoid crowds during Covid

Maintaining a safe distance is really important in Greece because Greeks don't have an amazing health care system and the population is really old. I only recommend visiting Greece if you're vaccinated and planning on staying very safe, wearing your mask, and social distancing. Ikaria is a beautiful island that's very unique. It's considered a "blue zone". You can read more about it here https://www.bluezones.com/exploration/ikaria-greece/

Where is the best place to party in Greece (besides Mykonos)?

My daughter is vaccinated and really wants to go out and have fun in Greece this summer. Where can she go besides Mykonos? I think it's a little too expensive for her to go at such a young age


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