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I am thinking of retiring to Greece. Right now, I suspect it will be on Corfu, but I haven't quite decided. I will be visiting Greece next year to get a feel for things.

When I go, I want to make sure I visit some of the best Archaeological museums I can find - because learning about Ancient Greek History is one of my favorite things.

Here is my list -please let me know if I forget anything!

** The museum at the Acropolis.

** Archaeological Museum in Heraklion

** The one in Thessaloniki

** Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Did I miss any that I absolutely should see during my trip? I'll be about a month in Greece, so I should have time.


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There are two museums you should see as a minimum in Athens. One of them you mentioned, the Acropolis Museum and the other is the National Archaeological Museum. This is the largest museum for archaeological artifacts in Greece and is a must-see. There are other museums like the Benaki Museum which has more Byzantine and Ottoman history. There is also the museum of ancient inventions - I can't remember the name exactly - but this is interesting if you are into inventions.

I am also planning to retire in Greece and have bought an apartment in Athens to retire to. Good luck with your scoping and investigation of where and how to retire - this is an enjoyable process. I hope it all works out well!
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You guys both put together some great lists! I love the museum in Heraklion, Crete because I was enamored with the jewelry. Some of those Minoan treasures I would totally wear - I found it to be inspiring, even though I don't make jewelry. I love it when I find a bit of history or archaeology that I can personalize and give a special meaning to my own life.

Is Free Camping allowed in Greece? Read this before you go!

Best Off the Beaten Track Islands in Greece

I recently had some friends tell me about their trip to Greece, which involved Mykonos and Santorini. He said those two places were so busy, it ruined the enjoyment of it.

We are planning a trip to Greece next year and want to try some smaller islands that are more like "hidden gems" than tourist traps. Someone told me that Aegina is a nice place, as well as Paros. Do you guys have any advice other than those two islands?

Finding last minute travel deals?

Most of the time when I go to Greece, I know well in advance.

I am thinking of going at the last minute soon, and I wonder how to look for last minute deals?

One thing I did notice is that from the United States, flights tend to go up in price as the date approaches, not down, but I may be able to find deals on hotels etc?

Tips appreciated!

Beaches Near Thessaloniki

Is it still beach weather in Thessaloniki? I am interested in beaches to visit in September/ Early October...

Some possibilities:

  • Sani Beach
  • Nea Kallikratia Beach
  • Epanomi Beach
  • Perea Beach
  • Potamos Beach

What do you think of these? I researched online but am curious your opinions.

UNESCO Sites Near Athens

I decided to narrow down my list to UNESCO sites in Athens to see. I will be here long enough, and I plan to prioritize the 2 or 3 I really want to see, and then see if the rest happen.

Here's my list:

- Acropolis in Athens - could probably spend a day here - seems like there's a lot to see
- Delphi - I am hoping to be able to do Delphi as a day trip?
- Meteora - is this possible on another day trip?

Did I miss anything? I know I want to do Acropolis and Delphi, not sure I will have time for anything else.
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