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Summer isn't over (for some)! Im still playing these tunes far into October while I hit the beach on the weekends 😎

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Here is another Greek summer music playlist to check out:

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Another one!
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That's the magical thing about Greek. Summer seems somewhat endless! This is great music...

Greece has now approved a fourth covid vaccine shot for at risk people

Greece has just announced that it has approved a fourth booster shot for people who are most at risk. This means that those who qualify and under their doctors approval can obtain an additional shot to prevent themselves from contracting COVID-19. I'm not sure if this applies for travellers and non-citizens, as usually in order to get a vaccine or a Covid test you need to have some form of healthcare in Greece, either private or public.

Off to Greece! ✈️

Our trip got rescheduled because of an omicron outbreak in my friends village but thankfully everyone has recovered and is safe and healthy. Having recently recovered from COVID myself, I have antibodies and am able to travel safely. Thank goodness we are off to Greece! Safe travels everyone.


Resources for tracking covid in Greece

This is for all of my fellow travellers and for those who live in Greece and have loved ones in Greece. It's really hard to find good resources these days, and I tend to get overwhelmed with everything that's going on in the news, so I like to have a few websites in my back pocket when I want to check and see how things are doing. I hope this doesn't overwhelm folks and just helps spread some accurate info.

Make sure to book your covid tests early for traveling to Greece!

As rules are changing for every country (including Greece) I suggest that everyone book their COVID tests early because everyone is scrambling last minute to book theirs, especially during the holidays. Greece now requires a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival to Greece. This new rule has recently come into effect for many countries as well, as before only unvaccinated people needed to take a covid test. I hope everyone to stay safe and wish everyone happy holidays!

Alexis Tsipras, former Prime Minister of Greece has tested positive for covid

This adds to the long case of people who are testing positive in Greece. Alexis Tsipras if the former prime minister of Greece, who is a little polarizing. This is a sign that covid can affect us all, and that omicron is spreading rapidly, especially in Greece. I urge everyone to stay safe and be careful! Happy New Year and blessings to all.
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