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One of the things I love about Greece is the abundance of fresh seafood. What is your favorite destination for enjoying seafood? I know that any coastal area of Greece will have only he best, but I didn't know if you had some standout places. I love heading down to the shore as the fishing boats come in and watching people select what they want. One time, I asked if any of them were restaurant owners and I went afterwards to enjoy a great meal there.

Help Navigating Trip to Mykonos

I can't shake that I want to go to Mykonos soon, but I am nervous because I've heard mixed things about the island. What attracts me to the island is the party scene - but a lot of what goes with the party scene turns me off. I don't know if any of you have advice on how to navigate it. I want to enjoy the parties, but I want to also be able to avoid them here and there to sightsee, relax, etc. So I want a balance. If this isn't the place for that kind of balance, I am open to suggestions.

Best Greek Destinations from Athens by Ferry?

Once I arrive in Athens, I won't want to take a flight again until it is time to leave Greece. But, I would love to travel around.

What are the best places to visit in Greece from Athens (Piraeus) but Ferry? I know there are some day trips from Athens (Hydra, Aegina, Kea) but what about some other places? Also, did I miss any other day trips?

I mean, more like islands to visit. I know I can always drive around when I am on the mainland.

Greek Tourism back!..... Stronger than ever before!❤️

This is many years in the making after accumulated efforts in all spectrum of the whole of the Tourism Industry of which I have been proud and honoured to be a part of.....a lot of fun and hard work over many years!
..I would do it all over again!!....and better! 😂😂....... Enjoy!❤️

Spending a Month in Greece Next Year for Wedding

I am spending about a month in Greece next year. I am planning to visit Tilos (a possibility for my bachelor party) and the wedding itself will be a little bit after that in Athens with my family. After that, the new wife and I wanted to stay for a couple more weeks. Where should we go? I don't mind doing something cliche, like go to Santorini, as long as it is fun and not super crowded. We like crowds and nightlife but don't want to be overwhelmed.

Do you guys have any advice on where we should go? Some family may join us for part of it ... I don't think we can stop them haha.

Tripadvisor: Greek Destinations Among ‘Best of the Best’ Places to Travel in 2023

So there we have it! Greek Destinations amongst the best places travel!....Well for a start they always have been for the last 50 years plus!😂😂....and the funny thing is when they decide Rome has the best culinary experiences!....I nearly fell off my hammock laughing reading this!😂😂...I will never know how they quantify, great PR for us all the same!👍👍.....No Mykonos oh my god what are we going to do?.😂.. Actually Andros, Syros, Milos and Folegandros are the places to visit!
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