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I have to admit, i’m a shopaholic and I want to spend a bit of time exploring the stores and fashion of Greece by shopping! Any advice?


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Great question!

Best place to visit for shopping in Athens is Monastiraki, hands down. It is a great place to buy Greek souvenirs, jewlery, art and more. Be sure to negotiate a bit on the big priced items.

Here is a photo of Monastiraki in Athens, enjoy your trip!



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I agree! The best place to shop in Athens is Monastiraki. It’s a bit more touristy, but I love the charm and architecture of the streets. You can also find a ton of artwork, jewerly, cafes and a bunch of other stores to keep you occupied on your shopping day. Ermou is the main shopping street, and it leads to Monastiraki. That’s where most of the expensive stores are, and they’re worth checking out even if they’re not in your budget!
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Athinas street is a bit more casual, but still has some of the best shopping. It’s more affordable and will have some more authentic fashion choices, not like any chain stores you’ll find all around Europe.
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