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I'm planning a trip to Santorini and I’m super excited about exploring the local food scene! I've heard the island has some amazing dining options, from traditional Greek tavernas to fine dining with stunning views.

Do you have any recommendations for must-visit restaurants or hidden gems? Whether it's a place with incredible sunset views, the best moussaka, or a spot known for fresh seafood, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your tips!

Best time of year to visit Santorini?

I'm planning a trip to Santorini and I'm trying to figure out the best time of year to visit. I’ve heard that the island can get quite crowded during peak season, but I still want to enjoy good weather and be able to experience all the main attractions.

What months would you recommend for a balance of fewer crowds and pleasant weather?

I have heard that the summer months are packed with people and that it cuts into the enjoyment - for example, sunsets in Oia are filled with people and you can't enjoy them as well in peak season of July and August. Is September or October better?

Atlantis Theory of Santorini - Question

I'm intrigued by the theory that Santorini could be the location of Atlantis, as described by Plato. The history, the archaeological sites, and the unique geology of the island seem to offer clues worth exploring.

  1. Atlantis Theory: For those of you well-versed in the Atlantis theory regarding Santorini, could you share your insights or any interesting pieces of evidence that link the island to the legend? Are there specific sites that hint at this ancient mystery?
  2. Must-Visit Spots: Beyond the Atlantis connection, I'd love recommendations for must-visit spots on the island. I'm particularly interested in places that offer not just stunning visuals but also a piece of the island's rich history and culture.
  3. Travel Tips: Any travel tips for a first-time visitor to Santorini? Best times of the year to visit, places to stay, culinary experiences not to miss, and tips for navigating around the island would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Personal Stories: And of course, I’d love to hear any personal stories or unique experiences you had while visiting Santorini. Especially if it relates to the lore and allure of Atlantis!
I am curious what you guys think of all this!


Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Santorini

I am going to Santorini soon and I love to shop and get gifts for people.

Could anyone suggest the best souvenirs to take home from Santorini that would give a taste of the local culture and charm to friends and family? I'm looking for things that are unique to the island - something you can't find just anywhere else!

Any tips on where to find these local treasures would be super helpful, too.


Flying to Santorini from Toronto?

I'm planning a trip to Santorini from Toronto and would love some advice! What are the best flight routes and airlines to consider? Any tips on layovers or the most convenient connections? I'm also interested in knowing about the best times to book for good deals and any travel hacks to make the journey smoother. Additionally, any recommendations on what to do upon arrival in Santorini to quickly adjust to the local time and make the most of my stay would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help. I don't plan to go anywhere else in Greece and just want to figure out the best way to minimize travel time and simply just get there as quickly as I can. I have to go for a wedding.

Best places for photographs in Santorini?

I am going to Santorini again this year and I am on the lookout breathtaking photo spots in Santorini, and we need your insights! Help us pinpoint the ultimate locations for capturing the island's charm.

What are your favorite places to take photos? I have a few photos snapped of the Oia sunset from other trips. For this trip, I want to capture some different things, and maybe even some slice of life moments.
Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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