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I love Bettany!❤️❤️...... Just YouTube and be prepared to go into another dimension of the Greek mythology and cultural cuisine...... One of the best there is on the planet.... Bettany is from the Gods!!.....She was a Greek in her previous life!...❤️❤️🇬🇷🇬🇷👌 https://news.gtp.gr/2021/08/31/bettany-hughes-shows-greeces-wonders-to-uk-audience/
I wasn't able to catch this broadcast, but it looks very interesting. I am very supportive of tourism marketing efforts that represent the country very well

Greek tourism industry bounces back despite Europe's cost of living crisis.

They are already discussing to increase the hotel rates by at least 25%!

Greece returns to ‘normal’ Easter tourism after two years pandemic hiatus!

What is the best Greek island for a bachelor party?

Some of my buddies and I are considering going to Greece for my friend's bachelor party, but we're not really sure what the best island would be. We're not super young, most of us are in our mid 30s so we're not very interested in going clubbing every single night. Something relaxing would be great, with a pretty decent night life that is not too crazy, again. Do you have any advice?

Be aware! Some beaches in Greece may be nude

This is just something to be aware of when traveling to Greece and this may surprise you if youre not from Europe. Some beaches in Greece are nude, and when visiting a non-nude beach, you might see some women topless. This is not as popular is it used to be in Greece. I have noticed less and less women going topless but it still happens. It is not considered rude in Greece to do, especially in front of small children. If you don't feel comfortable, just politely move away or go to another beach!

What place in Greece do you regret travelling to?

I thought I'd ask a more of a provocative question on this forum. I'm absolutely in love with Greece, and I truly think that every single place in the country is beautiful. But of course, some things aren't for everyone. Which makes me ask the question, what place in Greece do you regret travelling to? I can't wait to see some of these answers and debate in the threads!!
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