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I know that everywhere in Greece is super close to the beach, but how are the beaches in Thessaloniki? Can I count on spending a few days at the beach while I’m there or should I save that for another spot in Greece? I really want to catch some rays when I’m there!!
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You’re right, everywhere in Greece has amazing beaches, but Thessaloniki isn’t really known for its beaches. But some of the best are perea, agia triada, epanomi and asprovalta. I’ve only been to agia triada and asprovalta and I loved it.


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Truth is that Thessaloniki's "paralia" (which translates to beach in english) is a highlight of the city, however the beach in thessaloniki (referring to the part of the beach at the centre of the city) is not accesible for swimming. Also tbh the beaches you can swim at in thessaloniki (perea etc) arent really that great so I do recommend visiting paralia but obviously only for a walk.


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Many people don’t go to the beach in Thessaloniki because an hour a way there is Halkidiki which has two legs of amazing beaches, it’s worth the ride to check it out.

What was your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki?

What is your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki? I’m thinking of getting a time share in Greece to travel every summer, so that my kids and I can have a place to go without worrying about hotels and resorts every year. I love this spot in Thessaloniki, but I want to see what cool places I can go for day trips…any advice?

Where do I need to go in Thessaloniki?

Hi guys, I’ve never been to Greece before, even though my whole family is Greek. I’m going to Thessaloniki, but only for a few days because i’m going to be visiting my mom’s family in Chalkidiki. What do I need to see and where do I need to go? Authentic answers only :)

Never been to Thessaloniki. Where to start?

I've been to Greece several times but I have never been to Thessaloniki. What are some of the main sites to see here, and what do you all recommend doing?

Advice on getting tipsy at wineries in Thessaloniki

One of the greatest things Greece has to offer is their wine!!! My friends and I will be travelling to Thessaloniki to check out some wineries, but we don’t really know much about making wine…just drinking it ahahha. Does anyone have tips about where to go? Or what types of wines we should try?

Thessaloniki or Athens? Which city is better for nightlife?

Hi guys!! Like i’ve said before, I want to travel to Greece with some girlfriends, and we’re looking to experience some of the best nightlife that Greece has to offer. Would you all recommend Athens or Thessaloniki for nightlife? and Why?


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