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I know that everywhere in Greece is super close to the beach, but how are the beaches in Thessaloniki? Can I count on spending a few days at the beach while I’m there or should I save that for another spot in Greece? I really want to catch some rays when I’m there!!
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You’re right, everywhere in Greece has amazing beaches, but Thessaloniki isn’t really known for its beaches. But some of the best are perea, agia triada, epanomi and asprovalta. I’ve only been to agia triada and asprovalta and I loved it.


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Truth is that Thessaloniki's "paralia" (which translates to beach in english) is a highlight of the city, however the beach in thessaloniki (referring to the part of the beach at the centre of the city) is not accesible for swimming. Also tbh the beaches you can swim at in thessaloniki (perea etc) arent really that great so I do recommend visiting paralia but obviously only for a walk.


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Many people don’t go to the beach in Thessaloniki because an hour a way there is Halkidiki which has two legs of amazing beaches, it’s worth the ride to check it out.

The new Hellenic Temples

You can learn to play the The Lyre of Apollo at the Seikilo Museum in Thessaloniki

This museum is probably one of the most unique ones that I've seen. It's pretty small, but it's packed with many rich activities and experiences. One of the coolest ones that I would love to try is learning how to play the Lyre from a professional artist. Before you would like to participate, you will need to let the museum know that you will be visiting and that you are interested. No prior music experience is required!

More info

Fantastic exhibition happening at the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture

This exhibition is titled "Philhellenisms, 1780-1860" and covers this crucial time period in Greek history during the Byzantine empire. The exhibition will showcase many different mediums of art including important texts from the time. The president of Greece will be attending to open up the exhibition, just showing how important and beautiful it will be to showcasing Greek history. I will be excited to visit soon!

What makes food and drink so special in Thessaloniki restaurants ?

What neighborhoods do you recommend that I visit in Thessaloniki?

I’m only planning on going to Thessaloniki for a couple of days so I’m wondering what would be the best neighborhoods to visit. Personally, I’m not looking for anything super touristy. I like to go out to eat and shop around, and usually go back to my hotel around 10pm, so not much nightlife for me. Let me know what you all think!!
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