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Most of the Moussaka recipes I have seen have meat. I am not actually a vegetarian but I am just not sure if I will like the dish as much with meat in it. Can I simply omit the meat from this dish or should I actually track down a vegetarian recipe? Do you guys have any suggestions?
In this case, I would definitely try to omit the Hamburg and see what happens. You might need to put less of the sauce, though... but maybe not. I have actually never made a vegetarian version.


You can just swap meat for your favourite vegetables or use a good meat substitute.
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You can just swap meat for your favourite vegetables or use a good meat substitute.
I agree with this! I have also found that chopped mushrooms have a similar feel as meat, if you want something that has the same feeling. You can also use meat substitute products, but personally I'd rather keep it unprocessed.


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This is perfect - thank you so much! I think I will try a meat substitute first, and maybe also the chopped mushrooms.
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Can You Think of Any Greek Dishes with Mushrooms?

So, I am still learning my way around Greek cuisine. I love mushrooms and I have yet to find any Greek dishes that include mushrooms. I know that they are found in Greece and you can buy mushrooms in the markets. I saw a segment on TV (I don't remember where) about a mushroom farmer in Greece, and I know people regularly forage for mushrooms in the wild.

What do people in Greece usually do with these mushrooms? I can't really find much online. Do people substitute it for meat? Cook it with meat? Put them in salads?

Making Gluten Free Pasta for Greek Recipes

I have some people in my life who need a gluten free diet. When I have them over, I like to accommodate. However, it is easier said than done sometimes. I find that most other people don't even notice if I sneak a gluten free pasta in my Greek food here and there. I know I could always substitute rice for some dishes, but in some cases I really do feel I need to use the pasta.

I have a hard time finding the gluten free pasta that I need, so I was thinking to make it. I make pasta with gluten all the time but my first gluten free attempt was a disaster. It fell apart and I felt I didn't know how to control the dough.

Do you guys have any advice?

Lemon Potatoes Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

Lemon potatoes is one of my all time favorite Greek dishes. I love the way the lemon tastes with potatoes, and it tends to pair well with just about every main course I could serve, but most especially poultry or seafood. Basically, if I've seasoned the meat I am serving with lemon, I tend to prefer these potatoes over other ways to prepare potatoes. The lemon also lightens up the dish, and the whole meal pairs well with salad or other vegetable side dishes. It's also easy to put together. I try to use fresh lemons because that elevates the dish to another level.

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Moussaka Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

One of my favorite Greek dishes is Moussaka, but I don't make it at home a lot. One of the issues is that I haven't found a great recipe, and I know that working with eggplant can be tricky. In the past, people have tried to explain to me how to make it, but their explanations have been confusing. I need a proper recipe that is easy to understand. It looks like Chef Pemi put together a great version of it that even someone like me, who has been intimidated by making my own moussaka, can follow. Not only that, but it looks yummy!

Check out the Cooking Greek Cookbook by Worldwide Greeks out on Hardcover, Paperback and eBook here!


What if I don't have Greek yogurt?

I don't always have Greek yogurt on hand. I tend not to keep it in the fridge and only buy it when I need it. I do, however, tend to have plain, regular yogurt.

Can I substitute that in recipes if I make something Greek at the last minute?

I have heard of some people straining it through cheesecloth. If you guys recommend I do that, How long does it need to strain?
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