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Casa Parlante is one of my favorite landmarks in Corfu! It's a recreation of a noble family’s home in the 19th century in Corfu. And I've never seen anything like it! The house has animatronic characters that you're actually able to interact with. It seems like a great place to take the kids, I really recommend it!

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Woah animatronic characters...? Sounds a bit creepy if you ask me LOL

Visiting the olive museum in Corfu

Has anyone visited the olive museum in Corfu? A buddy of mine told me about it...I had no idea olives were such a big deal LOL. Here's a pic he took of a some super lush olive tree branches he took. I'm adding it to my list, anyone else?

olive tree.jpg

Did you know that there is a museum of Asian art in Corfu?

The collection is from George Manos, who was a Greek diplomat. The building was originally a Japanese museum but then it was converted to a museum of Asian art after George Manos donated his collection. I haven't been but it seems so cool that this exists in Corfu

Is the best beach in Corfu Santa Barbara beach?

From the looks of it, Santa Barbara beach seems to be on the of the most popular and well-known beaches. Is it also the best? I'm looking for the clearest and bluest water on the island! What do you think?


Best things to do in Liston Square

Are there any Venetian landmarks in Corfu?

I've heard there's a lot of Venetian influence in Corfu, are there any specific landmarks I can visit?


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