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At the museum you can sample the wines and learn about the history of Santorini and the history of wine making! I suggest taking a guided tour and picking up a bottle on the way out



I have never been here but I enjoyed drinking wine on Santorini. The wines are unique because of the volcanic soil conditions. Delicious, and it goes great with the unique cuisine of the island.

How to eat your way through Santorini

You have to eat your way through Santorini!!

What on earth is the Tomato Industrial Museum?

I've heard that there is a Tomato museum in Santorini!! Someone who's been there please tell me what I can see there and what this museum is! As a foodie myself, I'm so curious :)

Our lovely lunch on the beach in Santorini

We had lunch right on the beach!! Salad with tomaortos, feta, olives, sun dried tomato, capers and dakos! It was so excellent and my favorite part was that I could dip right into the water after. Nothing like that type of luxury

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13 Santorini restaurants were featured on this traveling list!

I'm so happy to see that big magazines are featuring Santorini!! Would you visit any of these places? Selene and To Psariki are my favourite

Kamari open air cinema in Santorini is amazing

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