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Now this is what I call a wedding! I wish I had an invite LOL



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In case anyone is wondering, this dance is called "Hasapiko"

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It sure is! Great video and here are some videos to learn to to dance the various traditional Greek dances:



This looks so fun - Greek weddings are the best! The Hasapiko is a great dance, so fun and lively. I always dance it at weddings!

Even Petro the Pelican loves Beautiful Koristia in Mykonos!😂😂😘😘

Visit these churches in Mykonos!

One thing that many don't think about when going to Mykonos is visiting churches! In my opinion, visiting churches is one of the best ways to get to know the history and culture of Greece. Before Mykonos was a party island, it was a regular old Greek island with very religious inhabitants (Greece has a strong Greek Orthodox Christian culture). Here are some of the churches that I recommend visiting

1. Agia Eleni Church
2. Paleokastro Monastery
3. Panagia Tourliani
4. Panagia Paraportiani

Enchanting Greek music in Mykonos

This music gives me life! I will never get tired of hearing the sounds of bouzouki and guitar like I used to when I was little in my grandparents village. Bravo to all of the Greeks making us proud around the country. I am so happy and blessed to be Greek, happiness and health to all of us in this New Year!

Are there any youth hostels that you recommend in Mykonos?

My cousin and I are going to be visiting Mykonos this summer and are wondering if you have any youth hostels that you have been to that you recommend. We love to meet new people when travelling, especially from all around the world! It always seems like Greece is the best place to make friends...What has your experience been?
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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