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Now this is what I call a wedding! I wish I had an invite LOL



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In case anyone is wondering, this dance is called "Hasapiko"

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It sure is! Great video and here are some videos to learn to to dance the various traditional Greek dances:


A walking tour in Mykonos town (Hora)

Now this makes me reminiscent,as we were the pioneers back in 1998 in formulating the itinerary.We always used to end the tour in a bar watching the sunset, famous pianist playing soft Jazz tunes. ❤️❤️....

Gioli & Assia at Cavo Paradiso ❤️❤️❤️👌👌!

Enjoy these exceptionally talented musicians!....and some of the best quality of video presentation!❤️❤️

Mykonos,a few days ago ❤️

Taken by my dear friend on a photo tour of Mykonou!❣️

Mykonos live Webcam.... Enjoy!❤️

Just behind the windmills is where I parked my car every morning before walking down the hill to Little Venice to the Delos Port!❤️❤️

Did you know that Mykonos has a castle that you can visit?

Just look at how beautiful this castle is on google earth. The castle is built on top of a beautiful small mountain. It is currently in ruins but still a great part of history. The castle was abandoned when the Ottoman Empire took over in the 14th century.

Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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