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Thank God for the people uploading these types of videos. I thought it would be helpful for anyone interested in traveling there :)
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This is a very helpful video, thank you so much for sharing!

Best ice cream spot in Sidari, Corfu!!

The best is Kelly's Ice House for sure! Its an ice cream place, they also offer other foods, such as pancakes, to enjoy. You might want to eat your food sitting on one of the tables outside so you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather!

La Grotta beach has a beautiful rocky cliffside

Sand is overrated!! This seems way more fun to me than a sandy beach. It's natures diving board LOL

Mouse island is only a five minute boat ride from Corfu!

Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) is only a five-minute boat ride away from Corfu is amazing!! It is said have the remains of Odysseus’s ship after Poseidon turned it to stone. The beaches are stunning and there is a great view of Kanoni across the water. There is also a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator and may have served as the inspiration for the famous painting Isle of the Dead.

Best museums in Paleokastritsa Corfu (in my opinion)

My first favourite is the Byzantine museum, Casa Parlante and then lastly the Archeological museum. Are there any others that you guys like?

Are there any good medical centres/hospitals in Corfu?

I like to stay ahead of things in case anyone gets sick. Does anyone know where I can get good medical attention in case anything bad happens (God forbid)
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