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This place is just sooo stunning. Everywhere I go, I find another beautiful spot to take pictures


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It is so true! The sunsets in all of Greece during the Summer months are truly amazing. Must be the last of clouds, little rain and the hot temps...

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It's truly gorgeous! Where in Greece was the pic taken?

Athens, Rhodes and Milos among the 20 best holiday destinations in Europe in 2023!

Always inspiring and informative editorials from the Tornos team!.... Athens in my opinion has just only just become popular in the past 20 years or so! ...... Now I remember Rhodes being a preferred destination 50 years ago when I began working in Tourism from good ol'London town!..... Milos is a new kid on the block!..... Fabulous breathtakingly beautiful beaches!

Options for a bachelor’s party in Greece

I am still trying to plan a bachelor’s party in Greece. I have researched a few destinations and hit some dead ends. Here are my latest possibilities – I have narrowed it down and am wondering what you guys think:
  • Athens – this is by far the most convenient for everyone, and there are a lot of options (this is the groom’s second choice)
  • Mykonos – great nightlife, expensive, not as easy to get to – the groom really likes the idea of coming here
  • Paros – A smaller island with some nightlife, not as expensive, but a bit harder to get to

Hiking in Athens on Vacation

I decided that the next time I go to Greece, I want to go on a lot of walks or hikes. I know I could always meander anyplace I visit - either walk around a neighborhood or by the beach, etc. I am more interested in finding some great walks or hikes in or near Athens.

I saw that Mt. Lycabettus was recommended somewhere on this forum, and I saw that someone said to go during sunset. Is there anything else like that in or near Athens?

27.8 million tourists visited Greece in 2022 and spent 618 euros per trip on average !

Having worked in Tourism Industry for many years I am sceptical about the type of data....the most interesting take for me is the average spending per trip which is so low!....by this I mean should all the high end Greek destinations are excluded Greece is an extremely affordable and excellent place to visit and more importantly should any one have additional time and can afford to spend their spare cash..... Greece is the word!❤️❤️..
Not surprised US inbound figures are so positive!.....and will be even better this coming season!!

Epirotes Society of Philadelphia ‘Omonia’ organizes 15th Annual Tsipouro Night!

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