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Corfu has a small Jewish community that are trying to hold on to their history, as of now there are only 60 Jewish people on the island. Jewish people in Greece have faced many hardships due the Holocuast, occupation and their historically small numbers in Greece. Greece is a majority Christian Orthodox country and there are few minority groups who practice other religions. Here is more info https://forward.com/news/482721/corfu-jews-greece/


Thank you for sharing this important information about the Jewish community on Corfu!

New archaeological museum maps history of western Crete .

How many people know Ancient Greek?

As some of you may know, ancient Greek is taught in all public schools throughout Greece. Although, many people aren't actually able to speak modern Greek and communicate between each other because it is a dead language, similar to Latin. Greek people are taught how to write ancient Greek and they learn how modern Greek is derived from ancient Greek. As you can see in the video, many people don't actually remember much of it and it has actually been criticized that it is not so valuable as some educators may think. What are your thoughts?

What is the difference between the Roman and Byzantine empire?

This is something that has always confused me. I've seen people use the words Roman and Byzantine interchangeably, but I'm pretty sure that the Roman empire was led by the Italians, and the Byzantine empire by the Greeks/Romans. Does anyone see my confusion here? And is someone able to clarify?

Greece Marks International Museum Day with Free Admission!👍

The history of medicine in Ancient Greece

Ancient medicine played a major role in Ancient Greek life and has made major impacts on the medical community even today. Hippocrates was one of the main leaders of the early discoveries of medicine in Ancient Greece. He believed that disease is a normal part of human life and that we can use the strengths of the body to heal disease within, by encouraging certain functions to heal the ailments. This was a revolutionary way of thinking about the human body and medicine!
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