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This is what you will expect from the climate in Corfu during the summer months! Great weather


• Temperature: 61.5° F (16.4° C) – 82.4° F (28° C)
• Precipitation: 14.1 mm
• Climate: 4.9 days of rain on average, 324.2 hours of sunshine, water temperature 69.8° C (21° C), warm/hot, muggy, 95% clear
• Humidity: 63.4%


• Temperature: 65.1° F (18.4° C) – 87.6° F (30.9° C)
• Precipitation: 9.2 mm
• Climate: 2.3 days of rain on average, 364.5 hours of sunshine, water temperature 73.4° F (23° C), hot, muggy, 95% clear, beach/pool score 8.6
• Humidity: 60%


• Temperature: 65.8° F (18.8° C) – 88.3° F (31.3° C)
• Precipitation: 19 mm
• Climate: 3.4 days of rain on average, 332.8 hours of sunshine. Water temperature 75.2° F (24° C), hot, 57% muggy, clear, beach/pool score 8.6
• Humidity: 62.2%
Thanks so much for sharing this very useful information!! 🇬🇷
This will definitely come in handy for those who want to travel to Corfu. I always look at the weather conditions before I travel somewhere as I am packing. I have missed the mark sometimes, and I end up shopping when I arrive. I've actually sent clothes back home via post to make room in my suitcase. I love shopping, so I wasn't too upset. But still, I wish I was more prepared.

What other islands are near Corfu?

I've heard that slands like Paxos, Antipaxos, and Erikoussa, might be close to Corfu but I'm curious to learn more from you guys. What are these islands like? Are they easily accessible from Corfu? What unique attractions, beaches, or cultural experiences do they offer? If these islands aren't close, can you think of ones that are?

I want to island hop a bit this summer, and I am trying to decide if Corfu is a good home base or if I should consider another island.

Best wineries to visit in Corfu?

I'm planning a trip to Corfu and am really interested in exploring some local wineries while I'm there. I've heard that Corfu has a fantastic wine culture and I'd love to experience it firsthand.

Can anyone recommend the best wineries to visit in Corfu? I'm particularly interested in places that offer tours and tastings, and where I can learn about the history and production processes. Any hidden gems or must-visit spots would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Visiting Corfu off the Beaten Track?

I'm currently planning my itinerary for a trip to the beautiful island of Corfu, and while I've got all the major sights on my list, I'm particularly interested in those special "off the beaten path" spots that only the locals know about or seasoned travelers have stumbled upon.

I'm looking to explore the less commercialized areas, serene beaches, quaint villages, or any unique cultural spots that offer an authentic experience beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Does anyone have any personal favorites or undiscovered spots in Corfu they'd be willing to share? I'd love to hear about hidden beaches, local eateries or tavernas, and lesser-known trails or sights worth visiting.

Island day trips from Corfu?

I'm currently planning a trip to Corfu and am eager to explore as much as I can in the surrounding areas. I am planning to stay put for the whole time I am in Greece, but I want to do a bit more besides visiting Corfu itself.

I'm particularly interested in:
  • Islands that are easily accessible from Corfu.
  • Recommendations for how to get there (ferry schedules, private boat hires, etc.).
  • Must-see sights or activities on these islands.
Also, if there are any local delicacies or specialties on these islands that I shouldn't miss, I'd love to hear about those too!

Kanoni and Mouse Island - Advice Needed

I’m currently planning a trip to Corfu, and I’ve been intrigued by the pictures and mentions of Kanoni and the iconic Mouse Island (Pontikonisi). The views look absolutely mesmerizing, and it seems like a must-visit spot. However, I’d love to get some firsthand insights and advice from anyone who has visited or has local knowledge of the area.

However, I've heard that there's more to Kanoni and Mouse Island than just the views, and I'd love to get some insider tips to make the most of my visit. I'm reaching out to this community because I believe firsthand experiences are far more valuable than any guidebook. If anyone has been, can you guide me on how to get the most of my time there?
Share and discuss your Corfu photos, questions and experiences!

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