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Looks like so much fun! I wish I could travel this year :( :(
Have there been any updates on it since then? I'd be grateful for any information on the cruise from France. We want to go to Nice next summer, so I wonder if there will be any cruise offers then. I'd be grateful if you shared some resources about France, like this simply-france.com. I guess I've already looked through it more than 10 times. My wife and I have always dreamed of going on a voyage. So, I hope next summer our dream will come true. I'll be waiting for your replies, guys. Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Can anyone advise what budget is needed to travel around the whole of Europe?

Question about Amoudi Bay in Santorini

I am covering a lot of ground on my next Greek trip. I plan to visit Thessaloniki and then move on to Santorini and some of the other Cyclades islands. I have a question about Amoudi Bay. Is this worth seeing?

Someone told me that there are some good restaurants in this area, or am I getting that confused with something else?

Advice for Santorini Nightlife?

I'm planning a trip to Santorini soon and would love some recommendations on where to experience the best nightlife. I've heard the island has a lot to offer, from beach bars to nightclubs, but I'd appreciate some personal insights on must-visit spots.

Specifically, I'm interested in:
  • Beach Bars: Any cool places where I can enjoy a drink with a seaside view?
  • Nightclubs: Where are the best places to dance the night away?
  • Unique Experiences: Any hidden gems or local favorites that I shouldn't miss?
  • Dress Codes: Are there any dress codes or etiquette tips I should be aware of?
Thanks in advance for sharing your tips and experiences! Looking forward to an unforgettable time in Santorini.

Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Santorini

I am going to Santorini soon and I love to shop and get gifts for people.

Could anyone suggest the best souvenirs to take home from Santorini that would give a taste of the local culture and charm to friends and family? I'm looking for things that are unique to the island - something you can't find just anywhere else!

Any tips on where to find these local treasures would be super helpful, too.


Staying in Pyrgos?

Thank you to your advice, I am looking into staying in Pyrgos or other inland place that is slightly "off the beaten track" in Santorini to minimize some of the frustration of being in the crowds. We will be traveling during peak season.

Does anyone have an advice as to where to stay? As mentioned in a previous post, my wife is pushing for a Caldera hotel - but they're so expensive and we're traveling with the whole family. If I can find a compelling hotel that is more inland, it might work out for us to stay there. It doesn't have to be Pyrgos - but something similar would be good...


Best places for photographs in Santorini?

I am going to Santorini again this year and I am on the lookout breathtaking photo spots in Santorini, and we need your insights! Help us pinpoint the ultimate locations for capturing the island's charm.

What are your favorite places to take photos? I have a few photos snapped of the Oia sunset from other trips. For this trip, I want to capture some different things, and maybe even some slice of life moments.
Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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