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Do you think I can pull off visiting Hydra for a day trip from Athens? I want to make sure I have enough time there. We are visiting Greece soon for the first time (next year) and we are going to stay in the Athens are the whole time - but we would like to branch out and visiting Hydra seems like a great day trip.

From what I understand, there are regular ferries from Piraeus? Or would it be better to join an organized tour type of thing if I can find one?


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Its not a big island and a pretty quick journey. There are plenty of ferries from Piraeus. It's also a good place to catch a private or semi-private boat to some secluded beaches, so pack your swim bag.


My parents did this last time they were in Greece - they had a blast, said Hydra was fascinating. They did Hydra as a day trip. I am not sure how they found the ferry. I think their hotel on that particular trip was close to piraeus.


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Thank you, all - I am going to plan to do this. Appreciate your feedback!

Best place for fresh seafood in Greece?

One of the things I love about Greece is the abundance of fresh seafood. What is your favorite destination for enjoying seafood? I know that any coastal area of Greece will have only he best, but I didn't know if you had some standout places. I love heading down to the shore as the fishing boats come in and watching people select what they want. One time, I asked if any of them were restaurant owners and I went afterwards to enjoy a great meal there.

Greek Tourism Revenues Exceed €18 Billion !

Now isn't this an impressive number!?.... Not final yet.... even with this figure Greece is extremely vulnerable to go into recession!!

Where in Mykonos is this?

I bumped into a pretty pic of Mykonos - I am still trying to plan that trip with my friends! We are still considering Mykonos, even though some people are iffy. I found this pic - it's so pretty. Does anyone have an idea where this is, and what the vantage point is? One friend is saying she would love to try to replicate the scene from this photo if we do make it to that island...


Athens car rental question

If I rent a car in Athens, do you think that I would be able to put it on a ferry to go to another island, like Crete?

My next trip to Greece is going to include visiting a bunch of people in Athens, not all of whom are in convenient locations to the metro, and then head to Crete. I like to have a car on Crete because I want to explore. I don't want to have to rent a car in two different places. Any suggestions?

Greece Sets Developing Wedding, Luxury Tourism as Priority

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