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The Hecatoncheires or “hundred-handed one” in Greek, are a group of four mythological giants in Ancient Greek mythology. Sometimes they're also called Centimanes. Aegeon is really related to them because his connection with the sea has been drawn by numerous scholars contemporary of Ancient Greece, including Homer. Virgil and Ovid describe Aegeon being not an ally of Zeus, but rather a traitor of his brother and an enemy of the gods, who fought alongside Cronus in the Titanomachy.



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I had no idea, this story is a little niche for my level of Greek mythology knowledge LOL


I had no idea, this story is a little niche for my level of Greek mythology knowledge LOL
It's amazing how many characters and creatures there are in Greek Mythology. It's fascinating to learn about, but it can be hard keeping everyone straight.

Thank you, blopez34, for sharing about them!

This is how Hercules became immortal!

Hercules is my favorite character in Greek mythology! Hercules was a demigod and he earned his freedom and immortality (turning him into a God) by completing tasks set to him by Eurystheus, King of Tiryns and Mycenae. These were called the twelve labours, one of which was killing the minotaur.

This is my new favorite online show about Greek mythology!

I love this show :) so informative and gives great insight on ancient Greek culture, with great visuals. To be honest I love anything that the History Channel does.

Spanish archeologists might have found the lost temple of Hercules

In December, at the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage’s Underwater Archaeology Center (CAS), Spanish archeologists found huge ruins that might be the lost temple of Hercules which archeologists all over the world have been hunting for. It was built by the Phoenicians before common era, and has been lost ever since. I'm so excited that this discovery has been made and I hope that it is recovered and shown in the museum soon!

Check out this Greek mythology podcast!

I thought I would share this podcast for any fellow Greek mythology lovers who like to listen to a podcast on their commute or their morning walks. I love a little dose of mythology throughout my day and Im so happy that this podcast shares a bit of Roman mythology as well! There is so much more that I don't know about mythology that I've been learning just by listening to a few episodes. Hope you enjoy

Movies inspired by Greek mythology that you should watch!

These aren't really "Greek" but they're great for those who love Greek mythology!

1. Disney's Hercules
2. Percy Jackson series
3. 300
4. Troy
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