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The Hecatoncheires or “hundred-handed one” in Greek, are a group of four mythological giants in Ancient Greek mythology. Sometimes they're also called Centimanes. Aegeon is really related to them because his connection with the sea has been drawn by numerous scholars contemporary of Ancient Greece, including Homer. Virgil and Ovid describe Aegeon being not an ally of Zeus, but rather a traitor of his brother and an enemy of the gods, who fought alongside Cronus in the Titanomachy.



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I had no idea, this story is a little niche for my level of Greek mythology knowledge LOL


I had no idea, this story is a little niche for my level of Greek mythology knowledge LOL
It's amazing how many characters and creatures there are in Greek Mythology. It's fascinating to learn about, but it can be hard keeping everyone straight.

Thank you, blopez34, for sharing about them!

What is your favorite Greek mythology story?

I want to get more into Greek mythology...what are some of your favorite stories?? And do you have any good mythology story collection books to recommend?

The myth of arachne

I love this myth, so here is a beautiful animation of it I found on Youtube

My favorite Greek mythology movie

This is hands down the best Greek mythology movie! The cast is just excellent and the acting is on point

The 7 most fierce monsters of Greek mythology

1. Cerberus
2. Teumessian Fox
3. Echidna
4. Typhon
5. Sphinx
6. Hydra
7. Chimera

These monsters are some of the scariest and have the best stories in Greek mythology!! I suggest you read more about them in The Greek Myths by Robert Graves (that's the book I like)


The Greek mythological story of Narcissus and Echo

Narcissist was a young boy of unrivaled beauty, in Greece or anywhere else. One day, Narcissus went hunting in the woods with friends, but he became separated from them. When she attempted to speak to him, a confusing conversation ensued because Hera’s punishment to Echo caused her to have difficulty speaking. Because of this curse, Narcissus pushed her away, believing himself to be too good to go around having affairs with wood nymphs. His rejection broke Echo’s heart.

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