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I have never looked into the history of Kefalonia but after looking in to where to travel to, I have learned more about the past of the island and what lead to its present day beauty. This article describes the various occupations. https://www.greekboston.com/travel/kefelonia-beautiful-island/
Woah I had no idea....thanks for sharing. I wonder if every Greek island has had a past like this or if it's unique to Kefalonia or islands in the area

Are there many earthquakes in Kefalonia?

Does anyone know if there are more earthquakes on certain islands than others? I would love to visit Kefalonia but I have a huge fear of earthquakes!! Which places should I avoid?

Are most of the tavernas open in Argostoli?

What is the state of things in Kefalonia? Are most of the restaurants and tavernas open? Thanks everyone!!

The Iakovatios library and museum in Kefalonia

This museum and library has so much history. I would love to hear personal reviews if anyone has been. It is housed in an old mansion that was owned by the Typaldi-Iakovatios family. It is one of those places that survived after the massive earthquake that hit the island. However, it did sustain some damage during it. The mansion was restored in 1984 and is now home to a vast collection of books (around 20,000) and other collectibles.

Here is a COVID update for visitors traveling to Kefalonia

Here is an update if anyone is interested :)

Share and discuss your Kefalonia photos, questions and experiences!

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