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We don't have self covid tests in Canada so I didn't even know they existed! This is an amazing way for tourists and locals to keep in check if they have any symptoms. You can get them at any pharmacy for a super low price!!! How great :)
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Thanks for letting everyone know!!! (y)(y)(y)
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Yes, these self tests are so helpful! I heard they might not be as accurate as the ones at the doctor, but I think they are good enough in some instances..

Embrace the Greek way of life.A transportive Greek experience. Papadakis Summer Festival!

How expensive is it to travel around the Ionian islands by boat?

Chartering a boat to travel around the Greek Islands is something that I've always wanted to do but that I always assumed wasn't feasible. Has anyone done this with a big group and found that it's a little bit cheaper? Are there any packages or any tips that you recommend for going around the island that would make this a little bit cheaper?

Greek tourism industry bounces back despite Europe's cost of living crisis.

They are already discussing to increase the hotel rates by at least 25%!
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