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We don't have self covid tests in Canada so I didn't even know they existed! This is an amazing way for tourists and locals to keep in check if they have any symptoms. You can get them at any pharmacy for a super low price!!! How great :)
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Thanks for letting everyone know!!! (y)(y)(y)
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Yes, these self tests are so helpful! I heard they might not be as accurate as the ones at the doctor, but I think they are good enough in some instances..

Embrace the Greek way of life.A transportive Greek experience. Papadakis Summer Festival!

Greece returns to ‘normal’ Easter tourism after two years pandemic hiatus!

Be aware! Some beaches in Greece may be nude

This is just something to be aware of when traveling to Greece and this may surprise you if youre not from Europe. Some beaches in Greece are nude, and when visiting a non-nude beach, you might see some women topless. This is not as popular is it used to be in Greece. I have noticed less and less women going topless but it still happens. It is not considered rude in Greece to do, especially in front of small children. If you don't feel comfortable, just politely move away or go to another beach!
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