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This makes me want to visit Kefalonia even more!! Are there any spots on the island that are referenced in the stories? I would love to visit them
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I thought this was up for debate?


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Interesting.... So, is the actual island of Ithaca (very close by Kefalonia) not the home of Odysseus?

Where can I find small village charm in Kefalonia?

Hey everyone, I'm looking to find some small villages in Kefalonia to visit while I'm there. I really like to travel on the offbeat and path and get to know locals, is there anywhere I can do that on the island? I'm super adventurous and open to anything. The more authentic the better.

Most beautiful beach in Kefalonia? Debate in the comments below :)

I know this is going to be controversial, but I'd love to hear everyone's experiences and thoughts about the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. I know that many of you are biased, but that's ok, I'll take that into account when making my travel plans this year LOL.

Have you been to Assos village?

I want to take a trip to the village of Assos in Kefalonia to see what authentic Kefalonitiko life is like. Any advice?


What is the superstition behind the snakes at the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia?

Hey everyone, I heard a really spooky story about how snakes gather at the foot of the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia every year on August 15th (the day of the Virgin Mary). Does anyone know anything about this? I'd love to hear the story and superstition behind it.

Have you been to De Bosset Bridge in Argostoli, Kefalonia?

I would love to visit one day and do a photoshoot at the bridge! Any tips for getting there and which season is best to visit Kefalonia?



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