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The collection is from George Manos, who was a Greek diplomat. The building was originally a Japanese museum but then it was converted to a museum of Asian art after George Manos donated his collection. I haven't been but it seems so cool that this exists in Corfu
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I had no idea!! Are there artifacts from all over Asia? Or is the collection just from East Asia or the near East?
I had no idea!! Are there artifacts from all over Asia? Or is the collection just from East Asia or the near East?
There's a bunch of stuff! Like Samurai armor and weapons, masks of the No theatre, Chinese porcelains and bronzes, pieces of sculpture and ceramics.


I have never been to this museum but it seems really interesting. Here's an article about it:

It's fascinating to me that you can visit a museum about another culture while in Greece. Usually when I am in the country, I stick to learning about Greek history and culture. This seems like it would be a nice chance of pace.

Palaia Peritheia is Corfus ghost town

This place used to be the richest village on the entire island on the entire island, but today there are only empty houses and churches left with no inhabitants. Super eery but great for a visit to see how people once lived. check it out!

Corfus weather during the summer months

This is what you will expect from the climate in Corfu during the summer months! Great weather


• Temperature: 61.5° F (16.4° C) – 82.4° F (28° C)
• Precipitation: 14.1 mm
• Climate: 4.9 days of rain on average, 324.2 hours of sunshine, water temperature 69.8° C (21° C), warm/hot, muggy, 95% clear
• Humidity: 63.4%


• Temperature: 65.1° F (18.4° C) – 87.6° F (30.9° C)
• Precipitation: 9.2 mm
• Climate: 2.3 days of rain on average, 364.5 hours of sunshine, water temperature 73.4° F (23° C), hot, muggy, 95% clear, beach/pool score 8.6
• Humidity: 60%


• Temperature: 65.8° F (18.8° C) – 88.3° F (31.3° C)
• Precipitation: 19 mm
• Climate: 3.4 days of rain on average, 332.8 hours of sunshine. Water temperature 75.2° F (24° C), hot, 57% muggy, clear, beach/pool score 8.6
• Humidity: 62.2%

Has anyone been to Nissaki beach? Its the best!

I love this beach so much! Its one of the most underrated beaches in Corfu in my opinion!


Are there any good medical centres/hospitals in Corfu?

I like to stay ahead of things in case anyone gets sick. Does anyone know where I can get good medical attention in case anything bad happens (God forbid)

My hiking trip in Corfu

I took a lovely hiking trip in Corfu this summer!! One of the least admired things about Greece is their hiking, you can find great trails if you do enough research, trust me! This trail is called the Corfu trail

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