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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
Great question! I am not sure as I have not heard of this. My best guess would be that it might vary from the larger cities in Greece to popular islands. I would recommend asking this before you book your hotel reservation.
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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
In Mykonos even the basic rooms have their own transfer..... About Athens I am certain if they don't have their own transportation,[It has to be practicable for economical purposes]......the hotels will have their own connections for prices and safety purposes.... just clarify before booking....
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I think this is more common on smaller Greek islands... that's what i've noticed
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It depends on the hotel. In bigger destinations like Athens or even Crete, I don't always run into it. If you need an airport shuttle you may want to specifically book a hotel that has that as a service. Not all of them do.
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My favourite Athens suburb

I just love Exarcheia and these videos give a great insight into its unique and colourful nature.

Make sure to bring your European student ID when visiting Athens

If you’re interested in going to museums this summer when you’re visiting Athens, I highly recommend that you bring your student ID if you’re from Europe. All of the museums in Athens provide a lower fee for students and university.

Take a boat instead of driving to Porto Cheli!

I've seen so many people rent cars and drive all the way down to Porto Cheli from the Athens airport. While this is a great option if you prefer to drive, many people overlook taking a boat because it takes just a little bit longer. The reality is that taking a boat is much cheaper, and you also can be a lot more comfortable since you're able to walk around the deck, get snacks and coffee, and use the bathroom. Personally, I love taking the boat, because I also like to visit Hydra and Spetses when I am there and it's much easier to take boats to both of those islands as well.

The best neighborhood to stay in Athens is Thiseio

The Thiseio neighbourhood is perfect for your stay in Athens because you are able to have access to some of the best sites. It is walking distance to the Acropolis, and Monastiraki as well as many different art galleries, shops, restaurants and cafés. When I stay in this neighborhood, I really don't find myself needing to stray and I can find everything I need in walking distance.

Tips for taking taxis in Athens!

Of course, there are many reputable taxi drivers in Greece, and these days it's hard to get ripped off… but you always have to remain cautious. Some of the best advice that I can give you about taking taxis in Athens is knowing a bit about what is the normal price for your area and distance. I recommend that you ask waiters, Greek friends, or your hotel concierge about what should be expected for your trip. Before you start your ride, make sure that you ask about how much the trip will cost. And make sure that they turn the meter on at the start of your trip. In addition, I always check Google maps to make sure that the taxi driver is taking the fastest route.
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