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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
Great question! I am not sure as I have not heard of this. My best guess would be that it might vary from the larger cities in Greece to popular islands. I would recommend asking this before you book your hotel reservation.
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Is this customary in Greece? Or should I expect to take a taxi from my hotel?
In Mykonos even the basic rooms have their own transfer..... About Athens I am certain if they don't have their own transportation,[It has to be practicable for economical purposes]......the hotels will have their own connections for prices and safety purposes.... just clarify before booking....
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I think this is more common on smaller Greek islands... that's what i've noticed
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It depends on the hotel. In bigger destinations like Athens or even Crete, I don't always run into it. If you need an airport shuttle you may want to specifically book a hotel that has that as a service. Not all of them do.
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