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Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make while learning Greek that you might want to watch out for! Many people mix up the genders of the nouns because they aren't used to it. English doesn’t separate nouns into genders, so when trying to speak in Greek, it’s easy to get confused. Greek nouns have three genders:
  • Masculine – ο σκύλος – o skilos – the dog
  • Feminine – η μητέρα – i mitera – the mother
  • Neuter – το κορίτσι – to koritsi – the girl
There really isn’t any gender-related pattern concerning which nouns are masculine, feminine, and neuter, which means that this can be a challenge to get right. Each gender has its own articles. When learning vocabulary lists, be sure to study the articles with the word itself. You will be less likely to get this wrong if you do.
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Thank you! This is helpful! The articles are hard to keep straight. I have learned to memorize the articles as part of the words.

Beautiful Greek/English pop song: Fotia by Evangelia

I just discovered this song even though it was released 1 year ago, its so beautiful

My favorite Greek tv shows!

Here are a few must see Greek tv shows :) in no particular order

1. Kafe tis xaras
2. To Nisi
3. Para pente
4. Peninta Peninta
5. Savatogenimenes

Buy from these Greek cosmetic brands!

I always like promoting for people to buy local and buy Greek. Apivita and Korres are two famous Greek cosmetic brands that have done super well on the market and are sold all over the world. I suggest you check them out and support Greek companies :)

Are there any Greek comic books?

My cousin is a huge comic book nerd and I would love to get him some comic books in Greek. Any recommendations?

Greeks have their own halloween!

Greeks don't celebrate halloween like they do in the US and around the world. Greeks have another holidays called "apokries" which is celebrated ten weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter. Everybody dresses up in costumes and there is usually a parade in the street. So don't expect to see much on October 31, even though there are some western celebrations now a days.
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