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I love anything almond flavored and would love to make these at home!! Please tell me if anyone has a great recipe, I would love to try it out

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This looks interesting - I have never made them, but they look delicious:


Greek dishes that use clove?

I kind of didn't realize that clove was common in Greek cooking. I thought I would make a list of dishes I can think of that use it...

- I have a friend who puts clove in her baklava syrup, and a fresh clove in the center of each piece
- Any recipe that uses cinnamon, I think I might be able to use a pinch of clove?

Thank you for the ideas! I am looking forward to trying it.

Can You Think of Any Greek Dishes with Mushrooms?

So, I am still learning my way around Greek cuisine. I love mushrooms and I have yet to find any Greek dishes that include mushrooms. I know that they are found in Greece and you can buy mushrooms in the markets. I saw a segment on TV (I don't remember where) about a mushroom farmer in Greece, and I know people regularly forage for mushrooms in the wild.

What do people in Greece usually do with these mushrooms? I can't really find much online. Do people substitute it for meat? Cook it with meat? Put them in salads?

Making Gluten Free Pasta for Greek Recipes

I have some people in my life who need a gluten free diet. When I have them over, I like to accommodate. However, it is easier said than done sometimes. I find that most other people don't even notice if I sneak a gluten free pasta in my Greek food here and there. I know I could always substitute rice for some dishes, but in some cases I really do feel I need to use the pasta.

I have a hard time finding the gluten free pasta that I need, so I was thinking to make it. I make pasta with gluten all the time but my first gluten free attempt was a disaster. It fell apart and I felt I didn't know how to control the dough.

Do you guys have any advice?

Best way to grow oregano indoors?

Now that it is getting colder I want to still have fresh oregano. I took my plant that I have on the patio during spring and summer inside and placed it on a windowsill. I am worried I am going to kill it! There's nothing like fresh oregano and this is the first time I have taken the plant in during winter. I am concerned it's not getting enough sun, and that I might be over or under watering it. When the plant is outside, I actually don't touch it and it thrives. It gets water when it rains, sun when the sun is out... I don't even have to move it. Now, the plant is starting to look a little sick. I love fresh oregano in my Greek recipes!

Anyone have a good koulouri recipe?

Is making koulouri a simple matter of making a regular bread dough and then forming it into rings? I loooove koulouri when I go to Greece, and I am unfortunately not always able to get to Greece. I need a way to make this at home.

I love the type with the sesame seeds, and I also love the sweet ones. How do you make those? Can I make like a tsoureki but form it into instead?
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