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I plan to spend time in Athens this summer, maybe two weeks, and then that will give me maybe two weeks left in Greece. I didn't want to go nuts traveling all over the place and I have two choices. 1. I could actually stay in Athens the whole time and 2. I could do 2 weeks in Athens and 2 weeks in Crete. However, does this make sense? I usually take the ferry around Greece when I can, but the ferry ride to Crete is very long - I believe it's overnight. I don't know if it is worth it. I don't have people to visit in Crete, this would be a "because I feel like it" trip to Crete.
If you plan to rent a car, you could easily spend a great two weeks exploring Crete. Since you like Athens, you’ll like the history, tradition of hospitality, and multi-culturalism of Crete with the added plus of a lot of outdoor activity, villages, and stunning beaches….not to mention the fresh cuisine. The Athens to Crete flight takes well under an hour; something to consider. I think it’s good that you’re limiting your itinerary so that you have the time to appreciate both places.
Totally agree with Deborah, go and enjoy!
One word, dolphin.

What to do in Agios Nikolaos?

I'm planning a trip to Agios Nikolaos in Crete, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience traveling there. It looks charming - I am basically here with a group of friends who wanted to see the area. I have been to Crete but never to this particular place, so I just want to get a feel for what to do here.

Some thoughts about what I can do:

- I think there's an archeological museum here that might be worth seeing.
- Is it worth taking a little trip to Spinolonga?
- I know there are some great beaches and shopping!

Anything specific you can recommend?

How long to spend on Crete?

I am going to Crete in the summer. How long should I spend? I have maybe two months in Greece. We don't get to Crete often - we also don't have anyone to visit. Here are some of my thoughts:

Finding a home base - Crete has so many wonderful towns and cities that can serve as your base for exploring the island. How do I do that? Any advice? I am thinking of either the Chania area or Heraklion - but maybe I should spend half the time in one place and half in another?

Historical sites - History is a passion so Crete seems the perfect place. With so many historical sites to see on the island, including museums and ancient ruins, it has made me feel like I need at least a few weeks on the island. I want to visit Knossos Palace at the very least, which means that Heraklion will be necessary.

Beaches - I also love beaches so this is a must. Some of the beaches near Chania look to be some of my best bets, but I am sure I can find beaches anywhere.

Samaria Gorge - I want to hike down through the Gorge. From what I understand, it is easier to access this from Chania?

I appreciate your thoughts!

Finding a Private Tour Guide on Crete?

I'm reaching out to this community because I'm planning trip to Crete and I'm on the lookout for a personal tour guide. I believe that exploring a new place is infinitely more enriching when you have the insights and stories that only a local can provide.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a tour guide in Crete? I'm looking for someone knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate about their homeland. It's important to me that the guide is not only familiar with the popular tourist spots but also those hidden gems that are off the beaten path.

If you've visited Crete and had a fantastic experience with a tour guide, I'd love to hear your stories. Additionally, if you're a local or know of any contacts in the area that could point me in the right direction, please feel free to share.

I've seen stuff online about how much fun people have on private tours, and I believe this to be the best option for my family.

Best Beaches with Services on Crete

It's tough for my family to visit beaches that don't have services - like a restaurant, bathrooms, because we are traveling with multiple generations and usually spend the whole day.

Do the following beaches have services? I will be going with my family end of June next year:

- Elafonissi
- Balos
- Matala
- Stalis

I am having a hard time visualizing based on descriptions I am finding online.

Too late to travel to Crete in December?

Is it too late to travel to Crete in December? I am going to visit some people for the holidays, but I also want to do some sightseeing.

Someone told me that Crete shuts down in October, but people still live there so it can't possibly be a ghost town.

What shuts down, exactly? Will I still be able to go to museums and stuff this time of year?
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