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What do you guys prefer? Dolmadakia with or without meat?

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With meat always!! That's how my family has always made it and that's how I prefer it :) I've noticed that outside of Greece, many Greek restaurants have dolmadakia without meat which I find a bit strange


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With meat. I have had the other in a salad. I make mine with meat topped with a avgolemono sause over it.
Avgolemono is the best! I love it on lahanodolmades too


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I’m a meat eater but prefer Dolmadakia without meat. I live in the UK and grow my own vines, especially for making Dolmadakia. I normally use rice, finely chopped pine nuts, finely chopped dried fruit (for example, raisins), oregano, lemon juice, a little garlic. It works for me and my friends seem to love them!😋😁


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My Aunt Sofia is from the island of Kassos. Her dolmadakia are the best. Meat, rice, lemons, arigani and grapevine leaves. Each dolmadaki is the size of a teaspoon. Placed in saucepan, lots of lemon, water, plate on top, low heat.
This is how I think she makes them. Aunt Sofia is 90 and not very forthcoming with her recipes. Our loss.


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I prefer dolmadakia with meat and avgolemono. It is my son's favorite dish and my wife cooks it often.

What is the best type of Greek salad?

Do you guys like horiatiki? maroulosalata? domatosalata? dakos? My personal favorite is horiatiki with a big slab of feta on top!


Recipe for Greek fried zucchini!

This is a quick and easy recipe that I use that's pretty healthy (especially if you use high quality olive oil)

1. Mix salt and pepper with flour
2. Dip sliced zucchini into the seasoned flour and shake off any excess
3. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan
4. Fry a few zucchini slices at a time in the hot oil until golden brown
5. Serve with skorthalia or tzatziki dipping sauces


What can I do with my leftover red Easter hard boiled eggs?

Does anyone know any good recipes for hard boiled eggs? Maybe an egg salad? Like every year, I know I'm going to have so many leftover hard boiled eggs. What can I do with them?

Easter Lamb Memories

I have so many misty eyed memories of Easter.

Back in the 50s my Uncle Charlie, of eternal memory, would cook a whole lamb outside. The men would gather as early as possible after the Resurrection Service in the evening and subsequent late meal, to celebrate, and turn the lamb by hand over a charcoal fire. The task assigned to the sons and nephews was to see that the men were properly "hydrated". Mizethes were also plentiful

Later, Dad decided to cook his own lamb and the ritual began Saturday when the lamb was sewn up to the long skewer. We started with hand cranking but that proved a bit too much for just a few people because most people arrived late...Greeks you know. :)

So Dad, of eternal memory, mechanized the process and that made it a lot easier for my brothers (Spiro, of eternal memory, and Stevie), Dad and me. We had a grand time. The time spent together was absolutely priceless, memorable, and unfortunately, never to be repeated again.

When Dad got sick my wife and I took over and cooked the lamb at our house for many years. It was fun having friends and relatives to celebrate with us. Cooking the lamb became too difficult when Spiro died and Stevie moved to another state in anther region of the country. Change is inevitable.

So today, early on Easter morning, Lord willing, I will cook 2 lamb legs (American spring lamb, of course) on the grill. I season them that morning with salt, pepper and lemon juice. I just turn them every 10 minutes by hand and baste them...a method pioneered by Spiro. Some people like their lamb rare (what?!) which is why we have 2 (not I) leg.

Mezethes will include loukaniko on the grill, Greek olives, feta, dyed eggs and kouloria for
invited guests who arrive early.

My wife cooked pastichio, dyed the eggs red for cracking at the early morning Resurrection meal and Easter Day. The eggs symbolize the opening of the tomb. After the Resurrection Service we say Christos Anesti...Christ has risen. My oldest daughter cooked koulouria and koulourakia. My youngest daughter is making fasolia and more desserts.

Easter is a joyous time to first thank our Lord Jesus for his Resurrection and second, to celebrate with family and friends.

Also, Easter, for me, is a time to remember my family, through misty eyes, who have passed to be with our Lord.

Kali Anastasi and Kalo Pasxa.

Time to make more memories.

What is a fast and easy recipe for Greek style mussels?

I'm trying to get more into seafood. Do you have any recipes for Greek style mussels?



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