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What do you guys prefer? Dolmadakia with or without meat?

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With meat always!! That's how my family has always made it and that's how I prefer it :) I've noticed that outside of Greece, many Greek restaurants have dolmadakia without meat which I find a bit strange


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With meat. I have had the other in a salad. I make mine with meat topped with a avgolemono sause over it.
Avgolemono is the best! I love it on lahanodolmades too


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I’m a meat eater but prefer Dolmadakia without meat. I live in the UK and grow my own vines, especially for making Dolmadakia. I normally use rice, finely chopped pine nuts, finely chopped dried fruit (for example, raisins), oregano, lemon juice, a little garlic. It works for me and my friends seem to love them!😋😁


My Aunt Sofia is from the island of Kassos. Her dolmadakia are the best. Meat, rice, lemons, arigani and grapevine leaves. Each dolmadaki is the size of a teaspoon. Placed in saucepan, lots of lemon, water, plate on top, low heat.
This is how I think she makes them. Aunt Sofia is 90 and not very forthcoming with her recipes. Our loss.


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I prefer dolmadakia with meat and avgolemono. It is my son's favorite dish and my wife cooks it often.


Definitely with the meat, but I admire a good vegan version that has been made well. When making at home, I only ever use the standard meat and rice filling. I season mine with onion, salt, pepper, and spearmint. Delicious! That reminds me - it is getting to be that time of year here in New England to pick the grape leaves!

What are your favorite Greek dishes?

Please drop some suggestions below! I’ve been wanting to try out some new dishes. I’m noticing that many taverns I’ve been visiting are serving the same things and I’d like to try something more unique. I love the classics (meze, souvlaki, moussaka etc.) but it’s time for some exploring!!

My Favorite Greek Street Food for Summer

One of the things I love about Greece is all the street food. I have my favorites, what are yours? Here are mine:

1. Gyros
2. Loukoumades
3. Kouloura
4. Bougatsa
5. Chestnuts

I am not always in Greece for chestnut season, but when I am, it's a real treat! Which street foods do you love?

Have you ever tried Cypriot kolokotes (squash turnovers)

These turnovers are soooo good but a little hard to come by. They are made with squash and cinnamon and sugar. Some variations also have raisins and cloves. It really depends on your taste.


How to make Cretan meat cake!

This is super similar to a meat pie or chicken pie. It's a super traditional Cretan recipe that has now spread to different parts of Greece. If you want to try something new or impress your friends you should try it out. I like to get fresh herbs to mix in as well :) Let me know if you like this recipe

Beautiful lamb shank and lavraki

This dinner was absolutely exquisite! It was a lovely roasted lamb shake, with small pieces of pasta. We also ordered a grilled lavraki which was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. I just can’t get enough of Greek food, it’s always so fresh and cooked to perfection. Greetings from my holiday!

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