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I would love to see your Santorini pics!! Drop them in this thread :) I'll go first


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Here is my Santorini sunset photo! Was an amazing day and hike up to catch this one!




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337 Sunset from Athermi  Restaurant.JPG
My birthday: May 27, 2019. From Fierostephani


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Santorini pics菲拉镇的酒店s.jpg
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Santorini pics悬崖酒店的朝霞s.jpg


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There are no Taxis in Santorini!

I love Santorini and this is my 4th time visiting the island. My advice is rent a car. Even with driving being tough with the thousands of tourists packed everywhere on mopeds, motorcycles, tiny cars, it is so much better than trying to find a taxi.

Today, I spend 3 hours to get a taxi to take me 4 miles...just too hot and dangerous to walk.

I had to go store to store ans ask after I finallu wapked into a supermarket, the owner called his friend that owns a transfer service, pay cash to get a ride. No uber, taxis or any app or service anywhere.

Please share your tips if you have any, about how to find a taxi in Santorini?

Is Santorini actually overrated?

I keep hearing this statement over and over....and I'm kind of confused. I loved Santorini when I went, as you can see in my profile picture. I loved riding the donkeys with my kids and exploring the island. I get that its crowded and a little overpriced but I think it was an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't have taken it back and gone to another island! What are your thoughts for those that have been?

The best restaurants in Santorini

Santorini has some of the best Greek cuisine! Ever since the tourism industry has been booming, chefs from all over the world have been visiting, opening up restaurants, and collaborating with Greek shifts. In my opinion, this is the island where you can get the most diverse and elevated cuisine. These are the best restaurants in my opinion, but please let me know your top pics. I would love to know.

- Ouzeri
-FalafeLand (vegan)

These are just a handful that I can remember off the top of my head!

Here is a glimpse of Megalochori village in Santorini

Megalochori is one of Santorini's most beautiful villages! You can't visit the island without walking around and seeing the sights. When visiting, be careful of the residents who are staying there. Santorini has had a problem with people walking on the buildings and making too much noise. Yes it is a very touristy place but there are many residents that still live there. Enjoy!

Where to explore the history of Santorini

Santorini has such a deep and rich history that definitely should be explored on your next trip to the island. The Ancient Byzantine Castle is one of the best places to start your exploration of the history of the island. The Byzantine Empire played one of the most influential roles in the culture in history of ancient Greece. The empire was led by Christian rulers, who spread the Greek orthodox religion throughout the country. You can also visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site which shows ruins from the bronze age, dating back to 1600 BC. Safe travels!

Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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