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Last week, an earthquake hit Crete with a magnitude of 5.7 but all reports this since then show that little damage has been done to the island and there are no injuries or deaths. Thank goodness everyone is safe and not a lot of harm was done, especially since people and businesses are really struggling as a result of the omicron variant. As many of you may already know, Greece is a region that is very prone to earthquakes as a result of the mountainous region and tectonic plates so the island is prepared for these types of earthquakes. Stay safe everyone!

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Thanks for letting everyone know!

For future reference, here is an earthquake tracking website that shows any activity in Greece:



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I am so happy to hear that there wasn't a lot of damage. Earthquakes are scary.
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Cretan food is probably the most unique out of all of Greece

So much of Cretan culture is based around food and agriculture that the food is just amazing! The produce is so fresh and the olive oil is one of the secrets of the rich and flavourful food. Much of the food is similar to the rest of the Greek cuisine but there are many staples such as Dakos, fried snails, and speciality Cretan cheese that are not found on other islands and in other regions of Greece. If you're a foodie, you need to visit Crete!

Dont miss out on Hersonissos, Crete!

I feel like Hersonissos is the part of Crete that is often overlooked!! Look how beautiful it is 😍 I definitely recommend adding it to your list in Crete along with Iraklio and Chania.


Beautiful Christmas Carols from Crete!

Christmas carolling is a beautiful tradition in Greece that is celebrated and done throughout all regions of Greece. Crete has some special Christmas traditions such as the Christmas boat which you will see in the image of this video. I would love to visit Crete one day to celebrate Christmas there and experience all of the beautiful traditions and hopefully see some young school children singing and spreading Christmas cheer.

Beautiful Toplou Monastery in Crete is totally worth visiting

I swear Greece is one of the only places where visiting monasteries is like a must do! Toplou monastery is so stunning and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see some less touristy sites in Greece!


Check out this traditional Cretan song and dance in Rethymno, Crete

Cretan music is so lively!! How I wish to be in Crete right now to watch these talented musicians and dancers

Share and discuss your Crete photos, questions and experiences!

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