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I love moussaka when it is made well, but I think it's gross when it's not made well. Particularly, when the eggplant gets slimy, I can't eat it.

That being said, I have had many, many versions of moussaka that I thought were delicious. I got the recipe from one such person and unfortunately when I made it, the moussaka was slimy.

I have no idea what went wrong because I followed the recipe. However, the recipe was handwritten and the individual may have assumed I know how to handle eggplant. I don't. I am wondering if I overcooked it, or if I had to do something to the eggplant to drain out some of the moisture? Or maybe I overcooked it?!


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Did you drain the eggplant? That would be the most obvious reason. Over cooking it would break it down making it mushy.


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Eggplant must be salted and left to sit for at least 20 minutes to release its moisture. Before frying, pat each slice dry with paper towels


This is a mistake I have made only once - not salting and draining the eggplant. One has to get some of the moisture out so it doesn't get slimy.

Various Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

I love Greek yogurt and I currently am learning how to make it. I thought I would share with you all what I do with it. Some of it is in "Greek cooking", and I also have other uses. My list:
  • I blend the yogurt into my morning smoothies with fruit for added protein - I don't like protein powder.
  • I make a yogurt cake and Greek yogurt is my favorite type of yogurt in the recipe.
  • I make a pasta dish that uses yogurt, kind of like an Alfredo sauce.
  • I love making tzatziki...
How do you use Greek yogurt in your cooking?

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

Do Greeks take breakfast seriously? I heard from some friends that many Greeks do eat brunch, but that seems more like a once in a while thing. What do Greeks eat for breakfast on a regular basis? I have observed all kinds of things, from nothing to maybe a tiro pita or something bought on the street, washed down with a Greek coffee. Also, I have seen people eat fruit and nothing else for breakfast.

What is in season in Greece now?

I am trying to understand Greek cooking on a different level than what I do now. Whenever looking up recipes, that is all it is to me - a recipe. I know that in Greece, there is a notion of seasonality that somehow gets lost when I read a cookbook.

So, it is approaching mid-May. The weather here is really starting to get good. In Greece, I am sure it is also lovely, but the growing seasons are different than what I experience.

What is in season now in Greece? I want to figure out how foods are prepared throughout the year in Greece, I think it will help me understand seasonality in general.

Shopping for Greek Honey

What is the best Greek honey to buy? I have some friends who are going to Greece and I told them to get me some honey while there, but I don't know how to tell them what to buy for me. I like to cook with it and spread it on bread and wasa crackers. I love it with cheese, as well. Like, the combination of honey drizzled on feta cheese ... it's outstanding.

When I don't have people getting some for me in Greece, I typically buy it online. I just never really put thought into it.
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