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Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Greece

I know that there are some major destinations that are worth visiting in Greece, but there are also some great places that are off the beaten track. I would love to visit them soon. I made a small list, but I also want suggestions:
  • Kea
  • Ithaka
  • Tinos
  • Patmos (but I do know some cruses stop here)
  • Naxos
  • Kythnos
What do you guys think?

Share You Santorini Photos...

I would love to see your Santorini photos. I want to visit but am hesitant because of what I have head about the crowds. I would love to visit this church, too!


Best trip connections from Phila, Pa to Crete?

Preliminarily planning a belated 50th Anniversary Trip 3 years later from Phila, PA to Crete for late August/ early September and trying to find the "best connections". Length of stay at least 8 - 10 days, depending on the connections. So far I see PHL to ATH is 9 1/2 hours, ATH to Crete is 50 minutes. PHL to London is 6+ hours, London to Crete 5+ hours. While total times are within a couple of hours of each other, also trying to factor in the wear & tear on these ole bods. Will be using American Airline miles so that will restrict carriers. Would appreciate any suggesttions/recommendations from anyone that's made this trek. Thank you in advance!

Best Greek Destinations from Athens by Ferry?

Once I arrive in Athens, I won't want to take a flight again until it is time to leave Greece. But, I would love to travel around.

What are the best places to visit in Greece from Athens (Piraeus) but Ferry? I know there are some day trips from Athens (Hydra, Aegina, Kea) but what about some other places? Also, did I miss any other day trips?

I mean, more like islands to visit. I know I can always drive around when I am on the mainland.

Greek Tourism back!..... Stronger than ever before!❤️

This is many years in the making after accumulated efforts in all spectrum of the whole of the Tourism Industry of which I have been proud and honoured to be a part of.....a lot of fun and hard work over many years!
..I would do it all over again!!....and better! 😂😂....... Enjoy!❤️
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