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I live in Greece, but am a bit nomadic. I plan to spend an extended period of time on Crete in a rental and I want some advice about what to do while here! I found this link:

I know this site is geared towards tourists, and I am an expat living in Greece so I am not quite a tourist. But, I am a writer and plan to finish something on Crete before I move on.

From that list, is there anything here that you think I absolutely won't want to miss? For me, the time tends to fly and even if I am in a place for a few months, I get swept up in the daily life and don't seem to do as much as I originally planned. I need a plan!
Do you want to live in the city or more in the country? If this were more, I would choose a village that is fairly close to either Heraklion or Chania, so that I can have plenty of services nearby.

How long to spend on Crete?

I am going to Crete in the summer. How long should I spend? I have maybe two months in Greece. We don't get to Crete often - we also don't have anyone to visit. Here are some of my thoughts:

Finding a home base - Crete has so many wonderful towns and cities that can serve as your base for exploring the island. How do I do that? Any advice? I am thinking of either the Chania area or Heraklion - but maybe I should spend half the time in one place and half in another?

Historical sites - History is a passion so Crete seems the perfect place. With so many historical sites to see on the island, including museums and ancient ruins, it has made me feel like I need at least a few weeks on the island. I want to visit Knossos Palace at the very least, which means that Heraklion will be necessary.

Beaches - I also love beaches so this is a must. Some of the beaches near Chania look to be some of my best bets, but I am sure I can find beaches anywhere.

Samaria Gorge - I want to hike down through the Gorge. From what I understand, it is easier to access this from Chania?

I appreciate your thoughts!

Tips for visiting Elafonissi Beach?

I'm planning a trip to the beautiful island of Crete and have been intrigued by pictures of Elafonissi Beach's pink sands and beautiful crystal blue waters. As I'm putting together my itinerary, I wanted to reach out to this knowledgeable community for some insider tips. Specifically, I'm looking for advice on the following:

  • Best Time to Visit: When is the ideal time of day or year to visit Elafonissi Beach to avoid the crowds but still enjoy good weather?
  • Transportation: What are the best transportation options to reach the beach? Are there any recommended car rental agencies or public transport options?
  • Facilities: Does the beach have facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas, or cafes?
  • Local Eateries: Are there any must-try local eateries in the area that offer authentic Cretan cuisine?
  • Accommodation: Can you recommend any nearby accommodations ranging from budget to luxury?
  • Activities: Besides swimming and sunbathing, what other activities can one enjoy at or near Elafonissi Beach?
Also, are there any specific dos and don'ts or local customs I should be aware of while visiting Elafonissi Beach? Thanks in advance!

This is one of the photos I saw - it looks gorgeous there!


Video Walk Through of Heraklion Archaeological Museum

I am very fascinated by Greek history, particularly form the Minoan Civilization.

I would very much love to visit Crete so that I can learn more and see where it all happened.

I found this video of a museum I would love to visit. You don't need to have the sound turned on, it's really about the images and all you'll hear is background noise. But, I still found it pretty interesting.

Too late to travel to Crete in December?

Is it too late to travel to Crete in December? I am going to visit some people for the holidays, but I also want to do some sightseeing.

Someone told me that Crete shuts down in October, but people still live there so it can't possibly be a ghost town.

What shuts down, exactly? Will I still be able to go to museums and stuff this time of year?

Finding a Private Tour Guide on Crete?

I'm reaching out to this community because I'm planning trip to Crete and I'm on the lookout for a personal tour guide. I believe that exploring a new place is infinitely more enriching when you have the insights and stories that only a local can provide.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a tour guide in Crete? I'm looking for someone knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate about their homeland. It's important to me that the guide is not only familiar with the popular tourist spots but also those hidden gems that are off the beaten path.

If you've visited Crete and had a fantastic experience with a tour guide, I'd love to hear your stories. Additionally, if you're a local or know of any contacts in the area that could point me in the right direction, please feel free to share.

I've seen stuff online about how much fun people have on private tours, and I believe this to be the best option for my family.
Share and discuss your Crete photos, questions and experiences!

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