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Wonder no longer! This is what life was like for an everyday Athenian in ancient Greece


This is what a day is like for an ancient Athenian

For anyone who is just as curious as me :)

Who was Constantine the Great?

Constantine the Great was an emperor of the Roman Empire from 306 until his death in 337. He is criticized and praised by many, but he is an important figure in history nonetheless. He has a lot of military and religious significance. He is known for being the first Christian emperor and also during this time, Greece was part of the Roman Empire.


Theodoros Kolokotronis was the leader of Greek independence

I remember learning about Kolokotronis in Greek school. He was one of the most pivotal figures in the Greek independence movement. He was a general, politician, and a leading advisor to the Greek independence movement. If anyone has any documentaries about him, please share I would love to watch them


The Greek language has its earliest roots in the Mycenaean civilization

Some of the earliest examples of where Greek can be traced to is the Mycenaean civilization. Once the Mycenaean civilization collapsed, parts of the Greek language disappeared. It was then replaced by writing inspired by the Phoenicians. After this during the Classical Period of Ancient Greece, the language developed into several dialects, one of which developed into a language that is very similar to the modern Greek that we know today.

The history of Oxi Day (October 28)

Oxi Day in Greek is the “Day of No”. The history behind it is that The Axis powers wanted to occupy Greece during World War II because of its strategic location. Mussolini gave the option for Greece to accept occupation instead of going straight to war. He gave Ioannis Metaxas an ultimatum. This is when Metaxas, the prime minister of Greece said "No" and decided that Greece would go to war to defend itself. This is why we celebrate Oxi Day to this day. :)
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