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Wonder no longer! This is what life was like for an everyday Athenian in ancient Greece


Greek history documentary on engineering in Ancient Greece

Engineering is one of the most impactful aspects of Ancient Greece, there was so much advancement during that time that comes from Ancient Greece that we still use today. National Geographic always does a great job of depicting what life was like in ancient Greece. Let me know what you think of the advancements in the comments, I will search for more documentaries and post them. :)

How far did the Ancient Greek empire really expand?

I've seen a lot of debate around this topic and I'm actually not sure how far the ancient Greek empire really expanded. I have seen some news articles that say they were ancient Greeks in modern day England. Is this even possible? And just because they were ancient Greeks in certain areas does that mean that the ancient Greek rule really stretch that far? If anyone has any insight it would really help! Thanks

The statues of Cleopatra and her husband Dioscurides!

The statues of Cleopatra and her husband Dioscurides were placed by the entrance of their house to greet the guests. Delos island, Cyclades, Greece. https://t.co/t2gzPx0K9yScreenshot_2022-01-13-16-06-02-623_com.twitter.android.jpg

Check out this webinar about the Greek immigrant experience

Excellent webinar, describes a Greek immigrant experience in the United States. Presentation is brought by the Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum and includes interviews and presentations by experts and professionals. Absolute favourite part of the presentation was looking at the images from the historical archives which show images dating back to the 1900's. I hope you all enjoy it!


A period of Ancient Greek history that is not well known amongst the Greek community is the influence that the Greeks had on Buddhism especially through their art and also the influence that Buddhism and other ascetic systems in India had on Greek philosophy. You can read all about it in this article: Greco-Buddhism

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