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Tremendous effort by all concerned,I sincerely hope that Greek Tourism Authorities and Greek Government as PM Mitsotakis has already stated to pay the workers in Tourism Industry fairly and treat them humanely!

Best Greek Destinations from Athens by Ferry?

Once I arrive in Athens, I won't want to take a flight again until it is time to leave Greece. But, I would love to travel around.

What are the best places to visit in Greece from Athens (Piraeus) but Ferry? I know there are some day trips from Athens (Hydra, Aegina, Kea) but what about some other places? Also, did I miss any other day trips?

I mean, more like islands to visit. I know I can always drive around when I am on the mainland.

Greece wins "Best Tourism Destination for 2023" title at Grand Travel Awards!

What other places are near Delphi?

It is likely I will be spending time in Delphi this year - I want to see the site of the Oracle. Athens is my starting point and I was thinking, what else is there in the Delphi area, or within driving distance? I have seen very little of mainland Greece. Also on that trip I want to visit Marathon and Olympia - does it make sense? Delphi is a must-see for this time, but I could let the other two places go if I need to.

Which island group is your favourite?

Best trip connections from Phila, Pa to Crete?

Preliminarily planning a belated 50th Anniversary Trip 3 years later from Phila, PA to Crete for late August/ early September and trying to find the "best connections". Length of stay at least 8 - 10 days, depending on the connections. So far I see PHL to ATH is 9 1/2 hours, ATH to Crete is 50 minutes. PHL to London is 6+ hours, London to Crete 5+ hours. While total times are within a couple of hours of each other, also trying to factor in the wear & tear on these ole bods. Will be using American Airline miles so that will restrict carriers. Would appreciate any suggesttions/recommendations from anyone that's made this trek. Thank you in advance!
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