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Many don't know that Greece has some of the best jewelry in terms of design and quality. I love getting nice souvenirs for my close family members like crosses or byzantine style jewelry (konstantinata)
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So true!

Greek jewelry is so great, especially when it is handmade in Greece!

Here is an article that might help :)


European Travelling Rules Confusing and conflicting!

Up to 50% Off on Last Minute cruises in Greece!

An offer not to miss.... Galileo was always docked at Mykonos, She is one of the beautiful Yachts I have seen....Had I been there I would most certainly take up this offer....At this of the year one can negotiate too!👌❤️

Greek Economy:This is phenomenal growth!

Covid update: Greece launches mandatory testing for unvaccinated workers

Seems things are going back to being a little more strict
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